August's Must-Watch Supernatural Drama 'Moving' A Thrilling Journey That Leaves You Craving More!

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

In the scorching heat of August, as summer days grow longer and lazier, Disney+ Hotstar is delivering a sizzling treat for drama enthusiasts worldwide with its latest Korean Original series, "Moving." This electrifying drama, boasting an intriguing storyline and an A-list cast, is set to take viewers on a thrilling journey into the hidden world of superpowers and government intrigue.
"Moving" unfolds in modern-day Korea, where a group of individuals harbors extraordinary abilities, which they keep concealed from the world to shield their loved ones from harm and exploitation. Adapted from the immensely popular webtoon by renowned Korean author Kangfull, "Moving" has been one of the most eagerly awaited series of the year. Directed by Park Inje, known for his work on "Kingdom Season 2" and "Moby Dick," the show features a star-studded ensemble, including Ryu Seungryong, Han Hyojoo, the long-awaited return of Zo Insung to a drama series, alongside Lee Jungha, Go Younjung, and Kim Dohoon. 
"Moving" takes us back to the 1990s when South Korea's National Security Planning Agency clandestinely assembled a black ops team of superpowered individuals. Their mission? To execute classified operations, harnessing their unique abilities to safeguard the nation and accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. However, the team mysteriously vanished one day, scattering across the country, leaving behind a void of silence. 
Fast forward a few decades, and we meet Bongseok, portrayed by Lee Jungha, a young boy who could defy gravity before taking his first steps, and Huisoo, played by Go Younjung, a girl who miraculously survived a devastating car crash unscathed. The two find themselves at the same school and quickly become confidants after sharing their extraordinary secrets. Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, realizing that there are more like them hidden in plain sight. Yet, amidst their seemingly carefree lives, a shadowy figure named Frank, portrayed by Ryoo Seung-beum, emerges as a mysterious delivery driver turned merciless murderer, targeting individuals with powers across Seoul.
As the danger looms ever larger, "Moving" explores whether anyone can halt Frank's relentless pursuit to uncover the children's secrets. With its gripping narrative, stellar cast, and the allure of superpowers intertwined with government conspiracies, "Moving" is shaping up to be a must-watch drama this August. The series promises to captivate audiences with its adrenaline-pumping plot twists, extraordinary character development, and the ever-present tension that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.
Catch the drama on Disney+ Hotstar, with two episodes airing per week, ensuring that you can savor the suspense and excitement while eagerly anticipating each installment.

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