Red Velvet's Yeri and Actress Lee Eun-saem Bring Excitement to Singapore with 'Cheongdam International High School' Star Tour Press Conference

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Red Velvet's member, Yeri (Kim Ye-rim), and rising actress Lee Eun-saem recently embarked on a star tour in Singapore to promote their latest drama, "Cheongdam International High School." Prior to the public fan meet event, the actresses sat down with the press to discuss their roles, on-screen chemistry, and their impressions of Singapore.
Filming "Cheongdam International High School" posed various challenges, including shooting during the winter season and working in the early hours. Yeri and Eun-saem overcame these difficulties with the help of heat packs, demonstrating their dedication to their roles. The actresses revealed their close bond and reliance on each other throughout the filming process. They shared moments of hanging out, enjoying meals together, and even visiting photobooths, highlighting their strong camaraderie offset.
Yeri expressed her hope that audiences would gain new perspectives through "Cheongdam International High School" and better understand Baek Je-na's point of view. Eun-saem emphasized the unique aspect of her character, Kim Hye-in, who possesses a warped personality that she found intriguing to portray. The actress acknowledged the difficulty she faced in relating to Hye-in's personality but aimed to make her more understandable to the audience.
Yeri and Eun-saem also discussed their desired roles in future projects. Yeri expressed her interest in exploring antithesis dramas, where she can delve into characters with contrasting traits. Eun-saem, on the other hand, expressed her desire to venture into action or sweet romance genres. Both actresses expressed their admiration for their respective characters in "Cheongdam International High School." Yeri preferred the role of Baek Je-na, while Eun-saem found the complex personality of Kim Hye-in intriguing, despite the challenges it presented.
Although this was not their first visit to Singapore, both Yeri and Eun-saem shared their positive experiences in the city-state. Yeri had previously performed in Singapore during the "Red Velvet 4th Concert: R to V" tour, while Eun-saem had enjoyed a vacation there in April. Yeri described Singapore as a place of healing, while Eun-saem emphasized its peaceful and rejuvenating ambiance. The actresses expressed their delight and appreciation for the opportunity to visit Singapore together again.

About Cheongdam International High School
"Cheongdam International High School" tells the captivating story of Kim Hye-in (played by Lee Eun-saem), a transfer student from a modest background who becomes entangled in a murder mystery upon joining the prestigious school. Yeri portrays Baek Je-na, a wealthy and influential student who becomes the primary suspect in the case. The drama showcases the intense rivalry between their characters, despite the actresses' off-screen friendship. Airing every Wednesday at 8 PM on tvN Asia (available on both Singtel TV Channel 518 and Starhub Channel 824), the series has enthralled viewers with its contrasting backgrounds and gripping plot.

*photo credit: tvN Asia, GOKPOP 

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