5 Korean Actresses That Are Great in Both Warm and Cold Characters!

Monday, May 08, 2023

K-dramas are best known for their heart-fluttering dramas, especially romantic comedies that entertain its viewers with comical lines and quirky gestures. While the protagonists have charmed us with their humorous acting, some of these gifted actors have also gone the extra mile to establish their talent with a variety of works across a wide range of genres. Versatility is key, and their ability to transform into different characters is what sets them apart. 

With that said, here are five Korean actresses who are perfectly capable of pulling off a warm, endearing image as well as a cold, indifferent one with ease! 

1. Jeon Do-yeon
Jeon Do-yeon’s most recent rom-com drama, Crash Course in Romance, has everyone swooning over the sweet awkwardness of two people falling in love in their late thirties. While the love story between a celebrity maths tutor and a single mother running her own store may have warmed your heart, she’s about to make your blood run cold in action film Kill Boksoon where she trades the apron for knives and guns as a top assassin in a contract killer agency.

2. Song Hye-kyo
Song Hye-kyo has been dominating the industry for decades with her grace, beauty, and her superb acting skills. The same woman who gave us a fairytale romance in Full House and a heart-wrenching love story in Descendants of the Sun is tapping into her dark side with a revenge persona in The Glory. As Moon Dong-eun, she takes matters into her own hands and shows that revenge is a dish best served cold. Just thinking about how she meticulously mapped out her master plans is giving us the chills!

3. Shin Hae-sun
If you’re an avid fan of rom-com drama, then you’re no doubt familiar with the name Shin Hae-sun. Her most iconic role is probably Jang Bong-hwan in Mr. Queen, which landed her a nomination for Best Actress (TV) at the 2021 Baeksang Arts Awards. However, her portrayal as the strong-willed but tragic real-life soprano Yun Sim-deok in Hymn of Death will make you forget about the cheeky Jang Bong-hwan. Based on true events, the historical miniseries revolves around a forbidden love story in which the actress plays a woman in pain, living in a hopeless era where women were not allowed to be active or independent.

4. Jang Na-ra
Jang Na-ra has quite a long list of romantic comedies in her resume thanks to her girl next door image, such as her notable role as “post-it girl” Kim Mi-young in You Are My Destiny and as a workaholic single mother in Oh My Baby. On the flip side, her role in VIP is a far cry from the usual bubbly characters she portrays on screen. In the series, her life turns upside down after discovering that her husband is having an affair, thus awakening the sleeping dragon within as she seeks to make him feel some of the pain that he has inflicted on her.

5. Kim Se-jeong
Known for her bright and smiley personality, singer-actress Kim Se-jeong, who rose to stardom as a member of K-pop girl group I.O.I, is a perfect match for romantic comedies like Business Proposal. What fans of the idol never expected was to see her transform into a lean, mean, fighting machine in The Uncanny Counter. Her personality as a fierce demon hunter in the series demonstrates that she is not someone to be messed with as she defeats bullies, criminals, and evil spirits. 

Pulling off just about any role thrown their way, catch these ladies who have proven that they are more than just a pretty face on Netflix!

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