STAYC Shines at Their First Ever Fanmeeting in Kuala Lumpur 2023

Sunday, February 12, 2023

STAYC has wrapped up their first ever Fanmeeting in Kuala Lumpur at Zepp KL on 4th February 2023! Thousands of fans have been anticipating their long-awaited fanmeeting ever since their debut back in 2020.

Their fans or as known as ‘SWITHs’ were all dressed to the nines and have lined up since early in the morning to get the best view of the whole show. Although they have spent hours waiting, their energy was still at all time high to party with the members!

The show starts exactly at 7pm, the fans’ screams echoed when STAYC appeared on stage - performing their first two hit songs, ‘So Bad’ and ‘Beautiful Monster’.

The members looked stunning in their cute preppy outfits, beaming with excitement as they got to see the fans greeting them with such warmth. After each member introduced themselves, they moved on to the Q&A session where the members will read the questions that was submitted by the fans.
The emcee was very enthusiastic and made the members feel comfortable, one of the questions that was submitted by the fans was, “Did you perhaps learn any Malaysian words?” Yoon excitedly mentioned that she has learned a few words and said “Mantap! Saya cinta kamu!” (Awesome, I love you!) while Isa also said, “Saya rindu kamu!” (I miss you!)

On the other hand, Sumin also learned a Malaysian dialect that was written by a fan, “Kawe Saye Demo!” which means ‘We Love You!” in english. The fans were all swooned by the members' cute attempt to speak in Malaysian!

STAYC was also asked to share a little spoiler of their upcoming comeback, Teddy Bear that will be released on 14th February. Here’s a snippet of them revealing the song:

After the Q&A session, STAYC performed their iconic hits including, RUN2U and So What. Then it transitioned to the gaming session where the members split into two groups, Mantap (Sumin, Sieun, Seeun) vs Poppy (Isa, Yoon, J), where they will have to battle with each other through Ping-Pong and Flip The Cup challenges. Each member was having so much fun whilst also showing off their funny and competitive side that tickled their fans' hearts. Before performing their last two songs, Malaysian SWITHs surprised them with a heartfelt special fan video, which was a compilation of STAYC’s journey since debut whlist also expressing their gratitude to the members for being their source of happiness and inspiration. Overwhelmed with the surprise, the members shed some happy tears and felt thankful to the fans for the surprise. Ending the show with a bang, STAYC gave their all and performed, 'I’ll Be There' and 'ASAP'!

Aside from the amazing fanmeeting, we also can't wait for their comeback this month and we hope to see STAYC in Malaysia again soon.

Special thanks to GME Malaysia for the invitation!

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