MAMAMOO Lights Up Kuala Lumpur with Explosive Performance on World Tour

Sunday, February 19, 2023

On February 12, 2023, Korean girl group MAMAMOO brought their world tour "MY CON" to Malaysia for their first ever solo concert in the country. It was the group's second time performing in Malaysia, their first being at the K-Wave 2 Music Festival in 2017.

The four members, Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa, started the show with their powerful song "1,2,3 Eoi!", a powerful track with infectious beats that immediately had the crowd on their feet. They followed up with "Mr. Ambiguous" before pausing to greet their Malaysian fans. Hwasa said, "It’s been so long since we are back in Malaysia," while Wheein added, "We came here because you guys are waiting for us! Please maintain your hot atmosphere till the end!"

The concert continued with a medley of "Um Oh Ah Yeah" "Freaking Shoes" "New York" and "Dingga," which kept the crowd energized. The atmosphere heated up even further with energetic performances of "Emotion", "Funky", and "You're the Best".

During the ment time, the group took a moment to interact with their fans, asking them to wave their lightsticks MOOMOOBONG together. Moonbyul expressed the group's gratitude for their fans' unwavering support, stating, "Your love for our songs just keeps increasing, so we arranged the songs to enable you to listen to as much as possible. We still have so many songs to perform! Please cheer for us loudly!"

The night continued with performances of "AYA", "ILLELA" "Taller Than You" and "MUMUMUMUCH". The highlight of the concert was when each member performed a solo song by another member, including "Watercolor", "Eclipse", "Honey" and "Twit". The group then came together to perform their individual solo tracks: "Spit it Out", "Make Me Happy", "Lunatic"  and "Maria". MAMAMOO demonstrated their vocal prowess during heartfelt renditions of "Paint Me", "I Love Too" and "Star Wind Flower Sun". 

The concert reached an emotional peak when the fans surprised the group with a special video tribute. The night also featured a special celebration for Solar's birthday, with the group learning and using Malaysian slang words like "ALAMAK" and "WALAO WEI" throughout the show. 

Relive the event here:

MAMAMOO continued the concert with their hit songs "Décalcomanie", "HIP", "Egotistic", and "gogobebe" before the final ment. The members expressed their gratitude to their Malaysian fans, stating that they would never forget their warm welcome and promising to come back to Malaysia soon. "We will not forget the Moomoo here and we will come back again!", promised Solar.  "Every stage is important to us, and I don't care if my body breaks. I will perform my best, even if my body will ache tomorrow. We will come back again to reward you", said Hwasa. The concert ended with the emotional performances of "Starry Night" and "Wind Flower", after which the fans kept shouting for an encore."

The group returned for an encore, performing "Travel" and other tracks, to the delight of their fans. As the night came to a close, the members expressed their appreciation for their fans, saying, "Thanks for all the love you guys gave us! We only have the final stage, please enjoy it to the last!" As the night drew to a close, MAMAMOO graced the stage one last time with their electrifying performances of "L.I.E.C" and "Um Oh Ah Yeah". 

Thanks to Trumpet International for inviting us to this remarkable concert experience. 

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