A Hot Night with 2NE1 Park Bom, GOT7 Youngjae, EXO Chen, Shaun, DJ Soda, BI and Girls Generation Hyoyeon Making Fans Go Wild!

Monday, January 16, 2023

The Grand Wave K-pop Music Festival finally happened last weekend with the highly anticipated line-up at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. The festival was celebrated and partied by the warmest welcome and support from fans for each artiste! The artiste tease Malaysian fans for the crowd understanding of Korean, checking if they are really in Malaysia and are fans attending Malaysian! (well, Korean language is like a love language to show our support)
Opening the festival was open by power vocal Park Bom of 2NE1 with 'Fire' that turn the cooling after rain weather hot! BLACKJACKs sweet treat continues with Park Bom performing her greatest hits. Park Bom sang '4:44' and 'Don't Cry' - another hit from 2NE1 that felt like a little trip down memory lane which we will always remember. Park Bom got off the stage to be closer to fans while singing 'You and I'. Park Bom was back on stage with 'Shamful' and ending with 'Do Re Mi Fa Sol'.
Next, GOT7 Youngjae appeared on stage opening with Vibin'. Malaysian Ahgase watched Youngjae as a solo artiste here for the very first time. Although it was night festival, Youngjae sure did bring sunshineine to the audience. His smile and jovial personality shone through all his stages. He performed Sugar which got our legs moving followed by Tasty which he removed his jacket! Youngjae had the sweetest smile and interaction also checking if he was really in Malaysia when fans could understand him without the translator. Youngjae and continued his set with Focus and ending with Crema. The night sure did filled the hearts of many Ahgase with happiness. Soon after, Pharynx (EXO's Lightstick) was lighted up filling the audience in cosmic latte colour calling for EXO CHEN! EXO-Ls scream was loud and clear. CHEN appears and serenades with 'Shall We?' and continuing with 'Beatiful Goodbye'. CHEN mentioned Malaysian fans has gifted him with a local traditional wear. He promised to come back here with the other EXO members. CHEN continue to fill the air with his powerful vocals and sang 'Last Scene' and 'I Don't Even Mind'. Before the next song, CHEN said that he has 1 more song and sang his OST for It's Okay, That's Love, 'Best Luck (졜고의 ν–‰μš΄)'. Everytime when any artiste mentioned it'll be the last song the fans will be sad but lucky fans were in for a treat when the music of popular OST from Descendant of The Sun, 'Everytime' begun.
A little break we had as the next artiste band was getting ready. That's right, a band was brought here for the audience too! And it was none other than SHAUN opening with 'Traveller' followed by 'Lunisolar'. SHAUN has picked up some Bahasa too which melted the hearts of many with his love expression. The audience was cheering on for him and requesting his next song to be 'Way Back Home' which he kept for later. He continued his set with 'Road' where audience sang along with, "Closed Ending' and 'Bad Habits' which audience knows the lyrics to too! And it's time for the crowd highly requested song 'Way Back Home' before he close his set with 'Don't Let Me Know'.
As the night continues, it was time for one of Asia most popular female DJ, DJ Soda! It was party time with DJ Soda set remixing different genre of music including Blackpink's 'Pink Venom' with her teasing a bit of dance. And sang some of her songs like 'Shooting Star' and her latest 'Alice in Wonderland'
The night of amazing line-up continues with BI starting his set with 'Waterfall' looking suave. BI set the stage hotter with 'Flame' The multi-talented artiste performed 'Illusion' , although the weather was hot enough, the heat from BI sure got fans all frenzy and makes the audience heart goes 'BTBT'. His vocals, dance and the overall performance was just amazing! BI learn some Bahasa and express his love with 'Saya Cinta Kamu?' and mentioned he would love to come back to Malaysia again with his upcoming tour! (We are all waiting). He continued his performance with 'Keep Me Up', 'Lover'and ending it with 'Cosmos'.
The finale and closing artiste of the night was Girls Generation Hyoyeon (DJ Hyo) that lit the audience pink and her charisma. Her set kick off with Girls Generation 'Forever 1' that got the audience wild! Her 1 hour set was filled with nostalgic memories of songs that majority of the audience grew up listening like 'Conga' and current trending songs like 'As It Was'. As she spins and remix the songs as DJ, we got singer-dancer HYO performing 'Dessert' and 'Deep'! Hyoyeon interacted with audience in Korean, English and Mandarin! It was a cute moment when the music suddenly stopped for photo time! She requested the lights to be switch on for better photo lighting in Mandarin. Her cue for audience was 'SoShi (μ†Œμ‹œ)' and Hyoyeon. Just before leaving the stage ending the night Hyoyeon thanked the fans in English and Mandarin and mentioned in Mandarin δ»₯后见青吧,δ»Šε€©ηƒ­ζ­»δΊ† (yi hou jian mian ba, jin tian re si le) (Translation: See you night time, it's been a really hot day today)
It was indeed an incredible night with amazing artiste line up! Special thanks to Grand Wave Entertainment.

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