Global K-Drama actor, Song Joong Ki visits Singapore for 'Reborn Rich' promotion

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Song Joong Ki at the Press Conference @ Resort World Sentosa, Singapore
On 7 December, the A-list actor, Song Joong Ki, came to our sunny island of Singapore for a press conference, in promotion of his latest drama ‘Reborn Rich’. Present at the press conference, which was held at Resort World Sentosa, were at least 200 dedicated fans of the actor, who waited patiently under the sweltering sun at noon. The event was also attended by press from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.
The press conference started off by announcing the great success of Song Joong Ki's global hit drama ‘Reborn Rich’ on Viu. The drama was ranked 1st in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Philippines on the platform, as expected from the masterpiece fantasy revenge drama, as well as its star-studded cast!

Finally, Song Joong Ki made his appearance at the venue, leaving fans cheering and waving their fan boards at the actor. The sweet actor also gave an enthusiastic wave back at his fans at the venue, glad to see his fans from Singapore again after a long time.

To our surprise, Song Joong Ki carried out the entire press conference in full English! The talented actor showed little difficultly speaking a foreign language and even added his own witty comments which brought joy to the press and fans.

For a start, the actor shared that this was his seventh or eighth time in Singapore! He expressed that pandemic hindered his plans to visit fans overseas and showed his excitement to be back here again.

“A kind gentleman made pepper crab for me,” shared the actor as he talked about how he spent his time in Singapore. Other than golfing in the morning, Song Joong Ki also told the press that he wanted to visit Sentosa.

When asked about the challenges filming ‘Reborn Rich’, the star stated that he plays two roles and he was confused at first. Later he found out that both characters were similar and filming become much easier. 

Song Joong Ki also express his satisfaction with being himself and not getting ‘reborn’, when asked about three things he would want to do if we were to be reborn into a rich family.

Q: What are the similarities between your actual campus life and your campus life in ‘Reborn Rich’?

Song Joong Ki: It is not the same. I was in an all-boys middle and high school, so I was excited about attending university.

The actor also begun to disclose some spoilers on the upcoming scenes of ‘Reborn Rich’.

The actor also commented on the reason behind his decision to accept the role in ‘Reborn Rich’, mentioning that he trusts the writer, whom he worked with when he was a rookie! When he heard that the drama belonged to the writer from his early works, 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal', he accepted the role without considering much.

As for the actor’s take on the most memorable scene, he shared that it was the end of Episode 1 in Istanbul, where Hyunwoo was standing on the edge of the cliff as his expressions were on-point!

Song Joong Ki also conveyed his satisfaction to his co-actors and express his great respect acting alongside them.

The press conference soon came to an end. The kind actor specially made a walk down to the fanzone, where he interacted and signed on fans’ boards.

Check out ‘Reborn Rich’ on Viu, same time as Korea!

Reborn Rich is a fantasy revenge drama surrounding a conglomerate corporation, Soonyang. Yoon Hyun-woo (played by Song Joong Ki) works for the family, where he gets killed on a business trip to Istanbul. Yoon Hyun-woo then find himself in the body of the youngest grandson of the comglomerate family, Jin Do-jun. Watch how he decides to run the company and also take revenge on the family for causing his death.

We would like to thank ViuSG for the invite!

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