EPIK HIGH Drops An Epic Show For Malaysia Stop - 'EPIK HIGH IS HERE' Asia Pacific Tour 2022

Sunday, December 04, 2022

The veteran hip hop trio Epik High brings EPIK HIGH IS HERE Asia Pacific Tour 2022 in Kuala Lumpur on 2 December. Despite the wet weather on a Friday night, the fans were in high spirits at ZEPP KL.  

The trio opened the concert with 'Here' and 'Prequel' - the tracks from their latest album 'Epik High Is Here δΈ‹ (part 2)' followed by the classic chart-topper 'Fly'. After a brief opening ment where the group wittily introduced themselves pairing with the BGM, they resumed with hits like 'Face ID', 'Rosaria', 'Self Defense' and 'Burj Khalifa'. The first phase of the concert focused more on the tracks from its latest 'Epik High Is Here' album, where part 1 shows their struggles and thoughts, while part 2 mirrors a reflection of the past. Epik High has always been best at deeply emotional songs. "Tonight we gonna make you feel many emotions - express the worries, the frustration, the anger and the hate you have. We'll turn your low emotions into HIGH Tonight! We're here for you tonight," said Tablo.

Epik High continued with 'Super Rare', 'External Sunshine', 'Bleed', and 'Love Love Love'. One of the highlights of the show was DJ Tukutz's dancing time. The members shared some behind stories on why DJ Tukutz started to dance - "Tukutz has been wondering what he can do to differentiate himself from us (Tablo and Mithra)? And he found out that we can't dance. (Tablo then cue DJ Tukutz to show his break dance). The synergy between Tablo, Mithra and DJ Tukutiz is so natural and wholesome, and we love their constant teasing of one another. 

Cheers continued with fans' favourites 'One' and 'Fan', where they pulled off a dance choreography, which Tablo dubbed 'the real K-pop dance'. The concert venue has become a proper rave party as they approached their last setlist, 'High Technology', 'New Beautiful' and 'Don't Hate Me'. The trio reemerge for an encore stage with 'No Thanxxx' and 'Born Hater'. The trio even gave their signed t-shirt to the fans, which made the crowd go frenzy. 

Epik High concert definitely has you bouncing off the walls. Thank you for being HERE with us in KL and giving us an epic show Epik High! The trio will be heading to Taipei on 4 December before wrapping up their Asian leg. 

Special thanks to CK Star Entertainment for the invite.

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