F4 Thailand Charm Malaysia Fans with their Sparkling Personality and Performance

Sunday, November 06, 2022

Since Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China F4 acted in the drama Boys Over Flower, we have F4 Thailand in 2021. With the Thai version of “Boys Over Flower”, Thai superstar Bright Vachirawit, Win Metawin, Dew Jirawat and Nani Hirunkit have gained popularity globally for their roles as F4. Most netizens commented that they are the most handsome F4 ever.
The F4 “SHOOTING STAR ASIA TOUR” in Kuala Lumpur has come to a successful end! The fan meeting was organized by ACO Media and AMM on Saturday, November 5 at Tropicana Gardens Mall Convention Centre. This is also their first appearance in Malaysia. 

The fan meeting started with the song “Who am I”, the OST in the F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers. The 4 main casts, Bright, Win, Dew and Nani then greeted the fans and shared their feelings about their visit to Malaysia. They thank their fans for their support and trust. They also wish their fans to be happy like them and promise they will come back to Malaysia again. 

After the short ment, Nani, who plays MJ in F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers, sang “Best Life” for the fans, the fans swayed together to the rhythm.
Then, Dew who is popular for his role as Ren, sang “In The Wind” with his gentle voice and lyrical music, which enchanted the fans.
Four of them then on stage together for the Familiar game. They answered questions that are related to each other and compete to see who knows each other the most. No doubt, Win, for the win, he won the game for being the one who understands his group members the most. Questions including Bright’s pet name, Dew’s hobby, Nani’s name is in what language and where does Win’s name come from.
After the fun game, Win who plays Kavin in the F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers, surprised the Malaysia fans by singing the OST in Still 2gether The Series, “The Person Must Be You” (Kon Nun Tong Pen Tur).
Then followed by Bright who made a solo appearance and presented his single “Lost & Found” to the fans. He also invited the fans to sing together before he starts his performance.
Bright, Win, Dew and Nani were then on stage after their solo songs and answered a few questions from their lucky fans. It starts with “What place can you recommend us when we go to Thailand?”, Bright, Win and Nani recommended cities in Thailand respectively - Phuket, Siam and Chiang Mai, but Dew was recommending GMMTV building as you can find the beautiful guys there. Other questions included favourite Thai food, what kind of character they wish to play in a series and what would they be if they weren’t an actor.

Fans then surprised Dew and Nani with celebrating their birthday in Malaysia as both of them shared the same birthday on 30th October. The members, Bright and Win, also wish them Happy Birthday and wish four of them can stay together forever.
The “SHOOTING STAR ASIA TOUR” is definitely a successful fan meeting and they promised to return to Malaysia again.
Special thanks to ACO Media and AMM for the invitation.

Article by: Muntyng0308

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