An Extraordinary Fanmeeting with Park Eunbin in Singapore

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Park Eun Bin touched by her passionate fans in Singapore
Global Extraordinary Attorney Woo star, Park Eun Bin visited Singapore for her first fanmeeting EUNBIN NOTE: BINKAN. The fanmeeting was held at Capitol Theatre on 11 November 2022. The event was certainly an extremely memorable one for her fans.

Prior to the fanmeeting, Park Eunbin held a media conference earlier in the day. Check out what went down here. 

Park Eunbin opened the fanmeeting with a refreshing cover of Red Velvet Joy’s song remake ‘Hello’! The reason behind her song choice was that ‘Hello’ was a song that she listened a lot to during her school days and she wanted to greet Singapore fans ‘Hello’! 

Looking into the meaning of her fanmeeting name BINKAN, Park Eunbin shared that the Bin from Binkan and the Bin from her name, Eunbin, refers to shining space. By naming the fanmeeting BINKAN, she hopes that fans will light up the space with sparklingly Eunbin! 

The actress also delightful went on to share how she spent here time in Singapore.

In the next segment, fans give answers to Eunbin’s curiousity! The actress expressed how she is always interested to know how her international audience became her fans. "I'm always curious from which drama and character did they decided to support me from." the actress chimed. One response was the actress' irresistible smile! Don't we all agree?Heart warming and touching moments were also not left out! When shared that a fan has been supporting the actress since her drama from 2007, "The Legend", the sweet 30-year old actress stood up from her seat to personally extended her gratitude to her for growing up together with her!

Moving on to the next segment of the fanmeeting was a balance OX game. With the given scenarios or choices, fans got to test their chemistry with the actress by matching their answer, the last 3 fans will be able to walk away with a special gift from the actress herself. 

Another question, was to only watch videos or only listen to music. Park Eunbin voiced that this was a breeze and did not hesitate any second to choose to only listen to music! "Music is my Life!" exclaimed the actress.

It was gift-making time when the actress showcased her artistic talent by designing tote bags for her fans! Her adorable designs included a rabbit, the animal that resembles her the most, two ducklings which she affirmed were friends, and lastly a whale design, the icon of her global hit drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Check out the actress showcasing her design below: 

Next, as Park Eunbin went for an outfit switch, a VCR showed the actress having a witty interview with her respective characters from the dramas Hot Stove League, Hello My Twenties, The King’s Affection and Do you like the Brahms. Following that, the all-rounder actress went back on stage with the song ‘Blue Night of Jeju Island’.

The atmosphere was toned down when Park Eunbin sat down and shared her invaluable experiences and behind stories with her roles. We watched the iconic scenes from her hit dramas on the screen in awe and respect for the Acting Genius!

The experienced actress also revealed that she is able to hear the voices of her characters upon reading the script of the drama and she changes her voice according to different tones, from high tones, to her normal voice tone and even lower range tones.

"I enjoy acting since young. When I received praises from other it was pure joy. Ever since then, I did not encounter any incident that made me want to quit acting. When I was young, I was shy and was embarrassed in front of crowds. However when I am acting, I am a different self and have different personas, hence I want to continue acting. Especially when I make a next step, I can see more people motivating me and that continued my career," Park Eunbin replied as she shared the secret behind the long journey of her career.
Throughout the fanmeeting, the lovable actress specially interacted and made eye contact with fellow fans, showing her love for her fans here in Singapore. Fans at the fanmeeting were simply as passionate as Park Eunbin as some even came prepared with special fanboards, catching the actress' attention from the stage.

To return the love, fans prepared a meaningful fan project for the actresses and her reaction was absolutely priceless! 

All good things have to come to an end. The fanmeeting concluded with the actress showcasing her honey vocals with, The King’s Affection OST “If I”, originally sung by Baek Z Young.

In addition, to officially end the fanmeeting on a more special note, Park Eunbin even prepared a stage specially for Singapore fans! A song that we all sang in our childhood, ‘Singapura, Sunny Island’. It was definitely a pleasant surprise to hear this song during a fanmeeting!

EUNBIN-NOTE:BINKAN was an undoubtedly 'sparkling' moment and magical experience for her fans!

We would like to thank VIU for the invitation.

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