(G)I-DLE Successfully Wrapped Up 'Just Me ()I-DLE World Tour' Concert in Singapore!

Friday, October 07, 2022

On the 1st of October 2022, ‘The Star Theatre’ at ‘Star Vista’ hosted (G)I-DLE as 4000 fans, aka Neverland, waited eagerly as early as the afternoon. If you are just a passerby, you would be confused why people are giving out free banners. To enlighten you, this is a usual practice for K-POP concerts, whereby fan clubs would print out many banners to give to the fans before they enter the concert. (G)I-DLE fan clubs aren’t holding back this time round, too, especially since they know that this concert would have meant a lot since the lion city is their last and final stop for their “Just Me ( )I-dle World Tour”.
Screams filled the entire room as the idols began the night with “Oh My God.” Neverland in Singapore was in for a treat, as this is the first time all the girls appear in blond (as part of their comeback for their 5th mini album, ‘I Love’). The performance was followed by “VILLAIN DIES” and “LATATA.”  Cheers continued filling the entire room when the idols performed “LATATA” since this was their debut song. After the 3 songs, the girls greeted Neverland, with Yuqi and Shuhua doing it in mandarin too. All eyes were on them as Neverland got to see the girls in their new appearance clearer, and trust me when I say this, they look drop-dead gorgeous. During the intermission, Soyeon mentioned that this concert in Singapore is significant since it’s the last city of their world tour. 
The performance resumed with “Blow Your Mind” and “Senorita”. After the performance, the girls got cheeky as they did a new rendition of the phrase “Hey, Senor”. Miyeon took this to the next level by bending forward and back, sending the crowd to cloud nine. The show went on with the idols bringing the summer back with “DUMDi DUMDi” and “Luv U”.  Afterwards, they left the stage, and a VCR remission played. The idols returned shortly after with a change of outfit and performed “HANN (Alone in Winter)” and “HANN (Alone)”. The backdrop video that was playing during this performance was absolutely stunning.The members said that both songs are connected to the story, which is why the songs have the same name. 

During this segment, Yuqi and Shuhua continued to abuse their mandarin speaking skills and complimented each other in Mandarin while Miyeon, Minnie and Soyeon watched the side. As the girls chatted, they mentioned that since Singapore was going to be their last stop, they would make an acapella song request from the fans. Minnie sang “DAHLIA” as requested by the fans. Second, in line was Miyeon, and the fans requestion “Drive”, which was her solo debut title track. With this trend, Yuqi sang her solo debut title track, “Giant”. Soyeon was next and sang “BEAM BEAM”; however, she forgot the lyrics halfway and apologized. Shuhua was the last to go, and she sang and laughed through a song (I didn’t quite catch that song).
The performance then moved to the next segment, with “Moon”, “Already”, and “HWAA”. At this point in time, the concert has already reached the halfway mark unknowingly. The girls went backstage to change into their third outfit while the 2nd VCR played. Familiar music can be heard as the girls returned with their changed outfits and performed “LION”, which the fans cheered loudly. Isn’t this the most appropriate song to serve in the lion city? (Imagine if they’ve changed the lyrics to “I’m a queen like a merlion”). After this strong performance, they switched things up to a rock concept song, “LIAR”. The performance got elevated to the next level when the girls requested the audience to stand up while they performed “Never Stop Me”. The standing ovation continued with the girls performing “Uh-Oh”.

Before moving to the next song, the idols taught Neverland the hand choreography for “My Bag”. As they performed the song, Neverland didn’t disappoint and made the hand motion as soon as the chorus hits. This song was followed by “POP/STARS.” Afterwards, the girls took a turn expressing their thoughts about the concert since it was coming to an end soon. Below is what the girls said about the show. 
Miyeon: Dreams Come True 
Soyeon: Cool 
Shuhua: Love 
Minnie: H-O-T HOT 
Yuqi: Nude (low-key teasing the fans on their upcoming comeback again)
With this, the girls performed the last song for the night, “TOMBOY”. However, Soyeon made sure that the crowd sang along to the chorus. The leader did a check, in which she sang “yeah” and directed the mic to the public. Of course, Neverland already knew what to do and responded with, “I’m a F***King Tomboy”. With this seal of approval, the idols performed their last song and thanked everyone present.
With the crowd chanting encore, the girls returned with "i'M THE TREND". The backdrop was done beautifully for this segment as well. Before their last song, the idols thanked the fans again and mentioned that Singapore holds special memories for them, as this was the first country they've visited to prepare for their debut, and now the same city will be the one that's wrapping up their World Tour. With this, they promised the fans that they'll be back soon. They concluded the concert with "Escape" and thanked the fans again. The show ended with a group picture.

While I enjoyed the whole concert, the location was a pity, and hopefully (G)I-DLE can hold the show at an indoor stadium instead. With a small stage, the girl group performed the whole concert w/o any backup dancers. The stage presence was thus lacking a bit since the 5 girls alone couldn’t fill the stage. And given the restraints of the star theatre, the performance and choreography become limited. (You can compare this performance with that of Seoul’s).

Many thanks to One Production and Live Nation for the invite! 

Article by: Cheang Yang (CY)
Photo by: Live Nation, One Production

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