NCT 127 successfully tore up the stage with over 9,000 fans in Singapore Indoor Stadium with 2nd Tour Neo City -The Link

Friday, July 08, 2022

After a long wait of three years, NCT 127 finally performed a full-fledged concert in our sunny island last weekend for their NCT 127 2ND TOUR NEO CITY: Singapore - THE LINK at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The concert officially kicked off with the group performing to ‘Kick it,' a song that paved the high energy and vibes for the night, fans were screaming enthusiastically while waving with their official lightsticks.

Without a moment of delay, the group kept the energy high with hits ‘Lemonade’ and ‘Simon Says’. The group also performed pop tracks ‘Elevator’, ‘Dreamer’, and ‘Love Song’ before members of the group have the opportunity to perform for the fans on their solo stage.

The first member, Taeil, took the solo stage first with his song "Another World," and his euphonious voice undoubtedly touched the hearts of the audience. The following member Haechan immediately joined Taeil for their subsequent duet song ‘Love Sign’, a song that highlights their perfect vocal abilities.
Members of the group Jaehyun and Doyoung both mesmerized the fans with their solo songs ‘Lost’ and 'The Reason Why It’s My Favorite’. The energetic dance performance by Taeyong and Mark to "The Himalayas" upped the energy of the event while Taeyong then continued a solo performance to 'Moonlight,' stripping his top off, fans were definitely in for a treat that night. Both Jungwoo and Johnny displayed a polished dance routine that featured incredible hip moves and body waves.
The group kept the audience captivated with the songs 'The Rainy Night,' 'White Night,' and 'Back 2 U,' where each member had a chance to display their stunning vocals in harmony with one another.

The group played hits like ‘Favorite,’ 'Bring The Noize,’ ‘Love On The Floor,’ ‘Cherry Bomb,’ and ‘Sticker’ as the show came to a close. The final few songs were delivered magnificently and astoundingly in a setting that couldn't have been more perfect.

The group spoke briefly to the fans, telling them how glad they were to be in Singapore and how much they loved our crabs. The members and fans surprised Taeyong with a Happy Birthday song, and he undoubtedly felt their affection that evening.

Before calling the ideal evening to a close, the group sang their final songs, 'Dreams Come True' and 'Promise You,' in which they expressed their gratitude for all of the love and support they have received over the years and their promise to return to Singapore soon.

Article by: Nigel
Photo Credits: ONE Production Singapore

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