Catch tvN Movie 'KINGMAKER' on Astro and unifi TV on 7 April

Thursday, April 07, 2022

There is a saying "the brighter the light, the darker the shadow",  tvN Movie upcoming film 'KINGMAKER' is the best interpretation of this metaphor. 

Set in the era of 1960s and 1970s, the film talks about Kim Woon-Bum (starring Sol Kyung-Gu) an unnamed opposition political party who dreams of becoming a lawmaker and the president of the country - attempt to repalce the dictatorship with democracy. But his reality doesn't match his ambition as he has failed four parliamentary elections in a row. One day, a naturalised North Korean, Seo Chang-dae (starring Lee Sun-kyun) visits Kim Woon-Bum's camp and offers him help. With his great strategy, Kim Woon Bum become a congressman then as a presidential candidate.

Kim Woon Bum is a politician who insists on doing what is right but faces constant challenges due to his moral decisions, while Seo Chang Dae is the passion and energetic strategist that willing to stay in the shadows without any title or rank in the election camp. The film reaches its climax when their relationship begins to falter as their moral values started to clash. 

The two main actors Sol Kyung-gu and Lee Sun-kyun did a great job in playing the political figures and brings out the historical story that happen in the era where South Korea's turbulent transition from dictatorship to democracy. We like how the film giving contrasts between two characters - the bright vs the dark. The bright that represent character Kim Woon-bum as a man of principle while the dark tones that portrays character Seo Chang Dae as the shadow/hidden strategist. It's not easy to portray a historical/ real-life political figures but the main lead and supporting actors did their parts well which allow the audiences follow the movie better.

If you're into political movie, catch KINGMAKER starring Sul Kyung-gu and Lee Sun-kyun on Astro and unifi TV VOD platform from 7 April!

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