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Friday, December 10, 2021

Ever wonder how Korean celebrate Christmas in Korea? Like other countries, shops and streets will be fully decked out in twinkling lights and Christmas decorations. If you want to feel the Christmas spirit, visit major department stores like Hyundai Department Store in Gangnam, Lotte Department Store or Shinsegae Department Store in Myeong Dong as the malls will be decorated with life-sized Christmas displays and beautiful LED lights which is worth stopping by. Christmas is not just a festival but a joy-filled holiday for Koreans to enjoy a day off to relax and spend time with their loved ones - also, a day for gift-giving! 

When it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts, we have so many options - gift cards, self care items and more. So instead of grabbing something basic in store, you may consider THE APRILAB's Holiday Gift Set as this holiday season is the perfect time to boost your outer and inner beauty. Thanks to THE APRILAB we get to try the current in-trend beauty supplements. So...what's THE APRILAB and what's so special about the Holiday Gift Set? 


THE APRILAB is a best-selling brand offering ready-to-consume Korean beauty supplements — also known as 'Korean edible skincare'. Some vitamins need to mix with water but THE APRILAB comes in powder sachets or “blasts” which you can consume the powder directly - super portable and convenient while providing maximum impact. This is how Koreans consume their beauty supplements nowadays. 

THE APRILAB offers three different variants - 'Time Blast', 'Super Balance' and 'Ultrabright', each specifically formulated to cater to a specific skincare need. Let's start with THE APRILAB best selling product 'Ultrabright'. 

THE APRILAB 'Ultrabright' is a citrus-flavoured powder containing high purity of glutathione and vitamin c. It's formulated for skin brightening, whitening and UV damage repair. Glutathione, derived from yeast, has been clinically proven to help lighten skin tone, reduce redness caused by UV, even out acne scars and also solve other skin issues. 

'Super Balance' however is one of our favourite products. It's a mango-flavored probiotic and prebiotic powder that's formulated to lower levels of inflammation in the body. When inflammation occurs, it may cause acne flare-ups, dry skin and sensitive skin. By integrating both probiotic and prebiotic it can help to balance both the good and bad bacteria on your skin and within your body. As a mango-mania, 'Super Balance' is definitely our must-have as it's smooth to eat and gives a rich mango taste. 

Lastly, 'Time Blast' which is THE APRILAB anti-aging/restorative range that comes in strawberry and blueberry-flavour. It contains a powerful dose of marine collagen and milk ceramides for anti-wrinkle, moisturising and skin elasticity. Korean beauty supplements are renowned for their supremely high quality and easily-absorbable ingredients, allowing the body to process them smoothly and efficiently. 

Korean skincare regime isn't limited to what you put into your skin but also on what you eat. Although this edible skincare may be new to us, but, consuming beauty supplements is very common in Korea and has grown in popularity since years ago. A healthy and glowing complexion says alot about your skin, so consistency is important when consuming beauty supplements - consume daily and maintain a good skin health. 

The Ultimate Gift Set

THE APRILAB Holiday Gift Set includes 6 boxes of the Korean Edible Skincare (2 boxes of each variant, which each box containing 10 sachets), THE APRILAB Water Bottle, THE APRILAB Canvas Bag and also a FREE holiday postcard packed in a gorgeous, matte silk, winter-themed gift box. 

This December, THE APRILAB is having a 50% discount during this 12.12 Sale where you can get the Holiday Gift Set at only RM105 - with original price of RM210. 

We all know that beauty comes from within, so don't miss out this 12.12 deal and give your loved ones the beauty they deserve. Check out THE APRILAB Official Shopee store to purchase.

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