Stray Kids Drops 1st Holiday Single Album 'Christmas EveL'

Monday, December 06, 2021

Global superstars Stray Kids, gets into the holiday spirit with the release of their very first holiday single album Christmas EveL, following the record-breaking success of their last full studio album NOEASY, which sold over 1.1 million units within less than 2 weeks of release and earned them the historic title of JYP Entertainment’s first million-selling artist!
Riding the momentum of an action-packed year, Stray Kids fulfills their goal of producing a seasonal song as outlined in their STEP OUT 2021 video with the release of Christmas EveL, a surprise gift to repay the neverending love and support of STAY, Stray Kids’ loyal fandom. The 4-track album marks the group’s first-ever seasonal release, and in true Stray Kids’ fashion, consists of a hip sound with witty lyrics. Christmas EveL doubles the fun with double title tracks “Christmas EveL” (of the same title as the single album) and “Winter Falls”, and also includes songs “24 to 25” and “DOMINO (English Ver.)”.
Produced and written by 3RACHA (comprised of members Bang Chan, Changbin, and HAN) and tapping into Stray Kids’ playful, mischievous side, “Christmas EveL” puts a fresh spin on the typical holiday song with witty lyrics and a funky, hip-hop sound. In contrast to the usual calm music played during the holiday season, Stray Kids charges “Christmas EveL” with their free-spirited, unique energy to provide a different perspective and hip-hop version of Christmas.

Watch 'Christmas EveL' MV:
The message of “24 to 25” conveys the desire to spend the time when December 24th transitions into the 25th together. A calm guitar instrumental, smooth vocals, and a grand track come together to create a cozy atmosphere. With lyrics written by leader Bang Chan, Stray Kids hope that those who listen to “24 to 25” will have a sweet and warm Christmas. Expressing the desire to stay together with lyrics like “STAY for Christmas,” “24 to 25” is a Christmas song made with STAY in mind.
“Winter Falls” expresses the perspective of someone who tries to forget about the complex thoughts that fill their head as the year comes to an end. With expressive, sentimental lyrics written by member HAN and a rhythmical, warm melody, Stray Kids hope “Winter Falls” becomes a source of warmth for STAY during the cold winter.

Closing out the album, members Bang Chan and Felix team up with rapper Junoflo for the English version of “DOMINO”, a fan-loved b-side from Stray Kids’ second full-length album NOEASY, to reinterpret the original lyrics and convey their “everyone follows at a single head nod” confidence.
As always, 3RACHA is credited on all tracks, further showcasing their musical growth. Additionally, 3RACHA enlisted the support of famous songwriters earattack, HotSauce, and more to elevate the quality of the overall album.
Stray Kids’ first full-length album GO LIVE and first repackage album IN LIFE were comprised of highly addictive and powerful songs like “God’s Menu” and “Back Door”, which positioned the group as pioneers of the “mala-type” or “spicy” genre of music and earned them the title of being the “leading group of the next generation of K-pop”. 
In June 2021, Stray Kids won first place on Mnet’s “Kingdom: Legendary War”, a survival program where they competed against five other prominent K-pop groups. The group then released their second full-length album NOEASY with the title track “Thunderous” in August 2021, accomplishing some of their greatest achievements and reaching yet another career high, locking them in as the leader of the 4th generation of K-pop.
The all-rounding members of Stray Kids effortlessly resonate with today’s youth and capture the hearts of fans across the world with their artistry and commitment to empowering their peers. The boys continue to sweep charts while providing a beacon of hope and comfort to “Stray Kids everywhere all around the world”. As their motto declares, “Stray Kids everywhere all around the world. You make Stray Kids STAY,” it’s clear that Stray Kids aren’t going anywhere.

(pic credit to JYP Entertainment)

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