'The King’s Affection' Teases A Sweet Palace Romance With A Twist

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Upcoming series The King's Affection tells the story of a forbidden romance between Yi Hwi (Park Eun-bin), who impersonates her late crown prince twin brother, and the crown prince’s tutor Jung Ji-un (Rowoon).

Yi Hwi hides the burdensome secret of her true identity, but must be strong as she plays the role of the crown prince. Initially cast aside for being a girl, she ends up impersonating her crown prince brother after he passes away. Behind her cold front, Yi Hwi suffers from loneliness and sadness. She finds herself attracted to her tutor Jung Ji-un, but cannot risk getting too close for fear of having her secret discovered. Jung Ji-un is also drawn to Yi Hwi and becomes confused about their relationship.

In the new poster, Yi Hwi is dressed as a princess and gazes into Jung Ji-un’s eyes. Jung Ji-un holds a royal robe around her as though he’s protecting her identity from being discovered. The affection they have for each other is palpable and hints at a heartfelt romance.

The teaser trailer shows Jung Ji-hun interacting with Yi Hwi who is dressed as the crown prince. He’s puzzled when he begins seeing a princess’ reflection in the mirror and the silhouette of a princess instead of a prince. He continues observing Yi Hwi and feels flustered when they get closer. It ends with Jung Ji-hun wondering about her identity.

The King’s Affection is directed by Song Hyunwook of Beauty Inside and Another Miss Oh, and written by Han Hee Jung of Clean with Passion for Now. The first episode will be released on 11 October with new episodes every Monday and Tuesday, only on Netflix!

Watch the trailer below:

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