Watch the Nail-Biting Thriller K-Movie 'Midnight' on tvN Movies

Sunday, August 01, 2021

tvN Movies newly release thriller movie 'Midnight' is now on Astro and unifi TV. If you're a fan of thriller genre then 'Midnight' is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire duration. 

Starring Jin Ki-Joo, Wi Ha-Joon, Kim Hye-Yoon and Park Hoon, 'Midnight' revolves around a life-threatening hide and seek story between Kyung Mi who has hearing disabilities and the psychopathic killer Do-Sik. One night, murderer Do-sik spots Kyung Mi's mother waiting for her daughter who went to park her car but his target changed when the high school student So Jung bump into him. Kyung-mi's mother managed to escape from being murdered but So Jung became the victim and being stabbed by Do-sik at the alley. 

After parked her car, Kyung-mi walks to meet her mother but accidentally found So Jung-eun laying on a dark alley and covered with blood. Kyung-mi tries to call for help but sadly she can't speak and come across the serial killer Do-sik and set off a terrifying chase. 

'Midnight' marks actress Jin Ki-Joo first lead role in a movie and her role Kyung Mi does not have any dialogue in the film and she communicates through sign language and texts on her phone but we could feel the fear and tense through her actions and facial expressions. Wi Ha-Joon, however, takes on a bold new challenge as the serial killer Do-sik. At night he attacks women and men indiscriminately but during the day he portrays a warm image. When you watch the scenes, you definitely get the chilly and creepy feel. 

Rising actress Kim Hye Yoon casted as high school student So Jung who is the last person bump into Do Sik before Kyung Mi. Park Hoon plays Jong Tak, So Jung's older brother, a former officer in the Marine Corps and currently works at a security company. The tension raised when Jong Tak comes into play. Gil Hae Yeon plays Kyung Mi’s mother, who is also hearing-impaired. 

The actors are perfect in their respective roles and the story has been constantly delivering the thrills and the suspense until the very end. Put on your comfiest pyjamas, get some popcorn going and get set to watch it on Astro and unifi TV  on 1 August.  

Storyline: 8/10

Worth-watching: 7/10

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