THE ROAD: THE TRAGEDY OF ONE starring Ji Jin Hee, Yoon Se Ah, and Kim Hye Eun premieres 5 August on tvN

Thursday, August 05, 2021

One of the most anticipated dramas of the year - THE ROAD: THE TRAGEDY OF ONE starring Ji Jin Hee, Yoon Se Ah, and Kim Hye Eun as main leads together with supporting cast members like Cheon Ho Jin, Kim Sung Soo, Kyeong Heon Kang etc. is premiering on tvN starting this Thursday (05 August).

Based on the 1996 novel Ichi no Higeki (The Tragedy of One) by Rintaro Norizuki, it is a crime, mystery, thriller drama of a tragedy between two families of the high society following a murder case that exposed ugly desires, secrets and ambitions of residents of “Royal the Hill”, where only the top 1% elites reside.

Baek Soo Hyeon (Ji Jin Hee) is one of Korea’s best journalist and popular and respected anchorman. On camera, he lives by his strong beliefs, reporting only the truth to his audience but off camera, he is a cold-hearted man who does not see anything but his goal and will do anything to reach it. He is married to Seo Eun Soo (Yoon Se Ah), daughter of the chairman of Jegang Group, one of the most powerful companies in the country. She is famously known to be a miniature artist but always dotes over her family. She does everything in her power to maintain the dignity of herself and her family but an incident unravelled all her hard work. Cha Seo Young (Kim Hye Eun) is a news anchor who has everything: from a prestigious job, exemplary education background and a beautiful appearance yet her list of desires keeps growing and have a dark secret.

The secrets surrounding them, the entangled relationship, and the mystery that blossomed everywhere around the one incident that started with a mistake, announced the birth of the tragedy which will provide a breath-taking tension.

THE ROAD: THE TRAGEDY OF ONE (Express from Korea) Premieres 05 August, Every Thurs and Fri 9.15pm on tvN (Astro CH395 (HD) and Astro GO | unifi tv CH211 (HD) and unifi playTV).

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