[EXCLUSIVE] New Buzz in Town - 'The Devil Judge' Featuring Ji Sung, GOT7's Jin-Young, Kim Min Jung & Park Gyu Young

Thursday, August 05, 2021

tvN's ongoing drama series 'The Devil Judge' has created buzz on social media for the past few weeks - with interesting storyline, pairing with the casts' brilliant acting! 

'The Devil Judge' set in a dystopian version of present-day Korea where daily life is one of chaos and society has collapsed to the point people openly voice their distrust and hatred for their leaders. The entire nations can participates in trial through a live broadcast courtroom show lead by the head judge, Kang Yo Han (starring Jisung). His mysterious intentions brings the assumption to the public on whether he is a true hero or just a devil wearing the mask of law. 

Check out our exclusive interview with the cast - GOT7's Jinyoung, Kim Min Jung and Park Gyu Young where they talked about their characters and shared their favourite scenes of the show. 

Q: It’s your first time playing the character as a judge, any challenges that you faced when playing the character?

Jin-young: The writer was a former judge, so I talked to him a lot. Other than that, I thought that the answer would lie within the script, so I read the script diligently and made the character. 

Q: Just from the teaser itself, we can see a great chemistry between you and Jisung. Are there any traits that you have discovered while working with him? 

Kim Min Jung: Both of us grew, matured and became more considerate of each other. It certainly led to good teamwork.

Q: How was it like to work with the co-stars in ‘The Devil Judge’? 

Park Gyu-Young: The actor I worked with the most is Jinyoung. As I worked with actor Jinyoung for a long time and built up emotions, (my) feelings for protecting Gaon naturally deepened and became more sincere. Actor Jinyoung is really good at remaining focused, worries a lot and gives good energy, so I'm still thankful for his help. During the second half of the drama shooting, I was able to empathize just by looking at actor jinyoung’s eyes. There are many memorable scenes. I really appreciate it.

Q: Which scene of 'The Devil Judge' do you recommend the most so far? 

Kim Min Jung: I really love this scene in episode 7 where Seo Jung-hak was killed to gain power. I could feel Sunah's heartbreaking past through her lines and I filmed it while feeling the instinctive animal act to survive.

Jin-young: The church scene in episode 4 is memorable to me. As viewers learn about Yohan's past, I think they could be more immersed in the show.

Q: How did you approach your character as a detective? Do you take any reference from other films or dramas?

Park Gyu-Young: I remember going on a field trip to the police station during the preparation period, checking the atmosphere, meeting detectives, and asking questions and interviewing them. Yoon Soo-hyun is an ace detective who graduated from a police university. I think I asked them a lot of questions, such as learning and training at a police university, the reason they dreamt of becoming a police officer and their mindset in the field etc. From practical questions to questions close to the heart. Although appearance and actions shown are very important, it seems that the way the mind deals with the event, the object, and the situation is also largely important. Thankfully, I think I learned a lot of points from the long interview. I didn't refer to the characters of other dramas or movies because I wanted to express myself as much as I could. I think I focused mostly on the character’s story and the script.

Q: Could you tell us the reason why ‘The Devil Judge’ is a must to watch? 

Kim Min Jung: I think the rather sharp senses of "coexistence between good and evil" and "evil against evil" live in the world. (The drama) can share a pleasant and bitter message, like the present world we live in.

Don't forget to watch 'The Devil Judge' every Saturday and Sunday at 10.30PM on tvN via Astro (CH395) and UnifiTv (Ch211).

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