3 Blockbuster Films - 'Voice of Silence', 'Pipeline, 'Recalled' Coming to iQiyi This July

Friday, June 25, 2021

Here are some of the new Korean films to watch on iQiyi this coming July! From the award-winning 'Voice of Silence' starring Yoo Ah-in and Yoo Jae-Myung to the highly anticipated 'Recalled' starring Seo Yea-ji and 'Pipeline' starring Lee Soo Hyuk, Seo In-guk and more. 

Voice of Silence

Voice of Silence, an indie crime movie about Tae-in (starring Yoo Ah-in) and Chang Bok (starring Yoo Jae-Myung) who're working under a criminal organization. They are diligent and professional and ostensibly make a living by selling vegetables. In fact, the two have another job — providing underworld organizations with killing sites, disposal of corpses and collecting bodies for a living.

One day, on a request by Yong-seok, the head of a criminal gang, he is forced to take on the kidnapped 11-year-old Cho-hee. But the next day, 'Yongseok' appears as a corpse in front of the two who were trying to return the child, and the two get caught up in an unexpected incident. The peaceful life of the two gets shattered, and things start to develop in a direction beyond their control.


Recalled, a mystery-thriller film Soo-jin (starring Seo Yea-ji) who begins to see someone else's future after an accident. She often dreams of a faceless person chasing after her again and again. It is hard for Sujin to slowly return to her normal life with her husband. After seeing the future, she helps others through difficulties as she gradually discovers that her husband seems to be hiding a big secret from her. She even sees the image of her husband killing someone. The doctors believe that the phantom Sujin saw is just a post-traumatic sequelae.

Coincidentally, a police detective suspects that Sujin's husband is involved in a theft case. Sujin becomes suspicious and begins to search for the truth, but her own memories begin to return. To make matters worse, Sujin suffers from the illusion of an unknown man threatening her.


Pipeline, a crime action film that tells the story of six thieves who wish to change their lives by stealing oil hidden in an underground tunnel in Korea. With over 1200km of oil pipeline in Korea, Geon Woo (starring Lee Soo Hyuk), a rich oil refining company owner, sets up a plan to drill into this pipeline between Honam and Seoul-Busan highway within a month. Pin Dol (starring Seo In Guk), the drilling engineer forms a team with Jeob Sae (starring Eum Moon Suk), section chief Na (starring Yoo Seung Mok), Geun Sab (starring Tae Hang Ho) and Counter (starring Bae Da Bin) to complete the impossible heist. As the task gets delayed from various setbacks, the risks multiplies.

photo credit to iQiyi, imdb

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