5 Reasons Why You Will Be Hooked On 'Mad For Each Other'

Thursday, May 27, 2021

A unique combination of love, comedy, and healing!
New series Mad For Each Other is now streaming on Netflix, and you don’t want to miss out! The short-form series features a unique romance between Noh Hwi-oh (Jung Woo) and Lee Min-kyung (Oh Yeon-seo). Meeting through coincidental encounters and experiencing various misunderstandings, the pair begin to get to know each other and heal as they fall in love. See some reasons why you’ll want to check out the show below.

1. Jung Woo & Lee Yeon-seo

The main leads are known for their solid acting, so their return alone is enough reason to draw attention. Jung Woo, who rose to fame through Reply 1997, is making a long-awaited drama comeback. Oh Yeon-seo has acted in many hit dramas like A Korean Odyssey. At the press conference for their new series, the actors had plenty of compliments for each other. Oh Yeon-seo shared, “Jung Woo does a lot of ad-libs, so there were so many funny moments.” In turn, Jung Woo praised her eagerness to do her best and film multiple takes even in the rain.

2. Unique Romance

Both Noh Hwi-oh and Lee Min-kyung are dealing with various mental health issues. Jung Woo explained, “Hwi-oh was a detective, but an event changed him and led him to have anger management problems.” Oh Yeon-seo revealed that a misunderstanding leads Hwi-oh and Min-kyung to have an antagonistic relationship. The actress shared, “Min-kyung is a prime example of the kind of person you might think is a bit crazy. There are times when she makes Hwi-oh angry unintentionally, but there are also times when she does it intentionally.”

3. Great Supporting Cast

In addition to the main leads, there are great actors portraying interesting characters. Director Lee Tae-kon talked about how every character can be considered a bit crazy. He praised all of the actors and added, “Lee Su-hyeon’s character is very unique and she was very natural, especially considering this being almost her first drama. Baik Ji-won did such an excellent job portraying the head of the women’s association of their apartment community.” The director also praised the dog Gamja for understanding and acting so well.

4. Short & Sweet

Mad for Each Other will consist of 13 30-minute episodes. Director Lee Tae-kon stated, “The episodes are 30 minutes long, so it doesn’t feel slow. Some series that have 70-minute episodes can feel a bit boring besides a few scenes, but this series is not like that at all since the episodes are 30 minutes long.” The director explained how the shorter episodes are more impactful, easier to digest, and will leave you looking forward to the next episode. If you’re looking for a short and sweet series to enjoy, Mad for Each Other will be perfect for you.

5. Healing Drama

There’s a lot to enjoy, but as Oh Yeon-seo pointed out, “you’ll also experience a healing aspect.” Jung Woo discussed his character and said, “You can see how Hwi-oh begins to heal through love” in addition to getting treatment. Director Lee Tae-kon explained, “People can appear crazy at first glance but when you get to know them, they have their reasons for their behavior and they’re actually similar to us.” While viewing the characters experience healing, you’ll be able to relate and feel healing vicariously.

Join their journey to love and healing starting with the first episode tonight and watch new episodes of Mad for Each Other available every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 8PM MYT, only on Netflix!

Image Courtesy of Netflix

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