Your Next K-Drama Obsession, 'MINE' starring Lee Bo Young, Kim Seo Hyung, Lee Hyun Wook and more

Friday, April 30, 2021

Hold on to your kimchi because Neltflix will be dropping your next K-drama obsession!

Thankfully, the wait won’t be long with Mine coming soon. Expect juicy stories of passion and mysteries.

The upcoming series centers on two women in a conglomerate family seeking true happiness and reclaiming what is theirs. The two sister-in-laws who are both married into a wealthy family, face strife as their opulent high society lives begin to crack.

Seo Hi-soo (Lee Bo-young) is the second daughter-in-law of the family and married to the younger son Han Ji-yong (Lee Hyun-wook). They’re a picture-perfect couple and Hi-soo is a doting stepmother to their son Han Ha-joon (Jung Hyeon-jun). However, everything changes when Ha-joon’s new tutor Kang Ja-kyeong (Ok Ja-yeon) enters their lives.

Jung Seo-hyun (Kim Seo-hyung) is married to the elder son Han Jin-ho (Park Hyuk-kwon) and their relationship marks a stark contrast compared to the lovey-dovey Han Ha-joon and Seo Hi-soo. Jung Seo-hyun’s well-ordered life experiences some unexpected developments when she discovers the relationship between her son Han Soo-hyuk (Cha Hak-yeon) and the maid Kim Yu-yeon (Jeong E-suh).

Tune in to Mine on 8 May 2021 at 10PM MYT, with new episodes every Saturday and Sunday two hours after the Korean broadcast, only on Netflix!

Watch the trailer below:

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