innisfree Releases Limited Makeup Collection '2021 Jeju Color Picker Camellia Edition'

Thursday, March 04, 2021

innisfree is excited to introduce the 2021 Jeju Color Picker Camellia Edition, a unique, limited edition makeup collection designed to showcase the beautiful colours of Jeju Island. The newest inspiration is the Jeju Camellia flower which represents true love and marks the beginning of winter as its vivid red petals blossom in the snow. The Camellia edition includes lip tint, lip oil, blusher and also eye palette. 

Camellia Petal Tint

Camellia Petal Tint - RM52.00 / 3.8g

Create soft-looking, petal-like lips with this tint. Its easily blendable texture applies softly and creates a smudging effect that fills the lines of your lips, blurring them in a way reminiscent of smooth, camellia petals. It contains camellia oil to keep your lips well hydrated, allowing you to enjoy a matte look without drying out your lips. Available in three shades.

Camellia Relief Lip Oil

Camellia Relief Lip Oil - RM52.00 / 4g

Create a vibrant and clear lip look with this lip oil - its colour inspired by blooming red camellias. It delivers deep hydration to your lips with its content of over 10% Jeju Camellia seed oil. It also contains sticky wax components that have been melted into an oil base, for a lightweight, jelly-to-oil texture that provides stronger adherence without any stickiness.

Camellia Blooming Blusher

Camellia Blooming Blusher - RM70.00 / 7g

This blusher adorned with a gorgeous camellia flower design features a unique bouncing texture that is formulated with silicone elastomer gel and sphere powder, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of both the moist, jelly-type blusher and the matte, powdery blusher. Its fine powder pigment makes it easy to apply evenly and smoothly with minimal fallout. Though inspired by the deep and rich colours of Jeju camellias, this lightweight blusher will leave your cheeks looking sheer as if painted with watercolours. Available in two shades

Camellia Eye Palette

Camellia Eye Palette - RM112.00 / 8g

Create camellia-inspired eye makeup with this eye palette, featuring 9 different shades and textures inspired by the blooming camellia flower petals. Its shades range from a subtle, cozy matte to eye-catching, shimmer and glitter shadows for an extra dramatic effect, perfect for both daily use or a glamorous eye makeup look. Enjoy vivid and long-lasting colours with clean application even upon multiple applications.

You can create two different looks with the Camellia edition just like Shin Ye Eun:

Purchase any 2 items for the 2021 Jeju Color Picker Camellia Edition and receive a complimentary Beauty Hand Mirror from 1st to 31st March, while stocks last. 

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