All-rounded artists (G)I-DLE will make you go 'HWAA' with comeback

Monday, January 11, 2021

 (G)I-DLE returns with ‘HWAA’ after five months since their 'DUMDi DUMDi' comeback. Composed by leader Soyeon, ‘HWAA’ is a song of parting with oriental instrumental sounds blended with winter-like cool vibes. The group’s 4th Mini Album [I burn] contains songs that will allow you feel the emotions in the process of getting back happiness after parting.

The online media showcase was hosted by announcer Oh Jung-yeon, who will be familiar to viewers of I am a Survivor!, where fellow member Yuqi also participated in. 

The girls of (G)I-DLE entered the stage with their red, white and gold stage outfits, giving off royal vibes. As expected from the Queens!

(G)I-DLE started of the showcase by wishing everyone a happy new year. When asked about how the girls spent their new year, Minnie replied that they were practicing for their comeback and they attended MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon on New Year’s Eve. “We had an enjoyable new year together!” 

All-rounded artistes! Miyeon talked about her acting debut during the online showcase. The main vocal mentioned that it was a good opportunity to take part in the webdrama, 'Replay' and asked fans to look forward to it! 

When asked about Soojin’s cover video, the main dancer shared that if she had the chance she will definitely release another cover video!

The title song, ‘HWAA’, co-produced by Soyeon, is an impressive song with an addictive melody and dramatic changes in emotions.

The three visual concepts that fully complement the emotional concept of a scar from parting to the full blooming again proved that (G)I-DLE are indeed the Queens of Concepts!

The girls also participated in the writing and composing all the songs in the album, including the title song, and established themselves as self-produced artistes with their unique musicality and conceptual ability.

Yuqi also expressed that it was her first time having short hair in her life. She mentioned that she finally decided to challenge herself by having a short hair and the members absolutely loved how well she suited the new style! “The members even suddenly started having more interest in me,” joked the bubbly Yuqi.

“It is also the first time in my life having red hair,” said Minnie, who also explained that her red hair symbolised the Fire element in their album. She revealed that idea of her red hair was suggested by Soyeon as the leader felt that Minnie suited the colour well. Soyeon, on the other hand, had her hair dyed silver, to represent the winter and cold element in the album.

Q: If you could meet your fans again in 2021, what is the first thing you will do? What are your future plans for your local and international fans?

Shuhua: I want to hear Neverlands’ cheering! Just like how Neverland misses us, we wish to meet them too! When it is possible, we hope to hold a concert.

Q: What is the concept of the album and message that you wish to emphasise?

Soyeon: Instead of the message, we wish to convey the emotions of the songs to listeners.

Q: What is the secret behind the success of your online concert which was held in the middle of COVID-19?

Miyeon: We wanted to meet all our fans and we held the online concert. As we cannot physically meet one another currently, we hope to be able to do so after COVID-19.

Q: What are some results and ‘related-phrases’ that you wish to achieve in this comeback?

Soyeon: We wish to get 1st place if it is possible.

Q: For this comeback, Minnie and Yuqi have released their own self-composed track. How do you feel about it? As a foreign member, it is not easy to write Korean lyrics, how did you work on that?

Minnie: I was excited about it and happy that Neverlands who have waited for this time can hear my song.

Yuqi: I wrote it on my own. Soyeon and Minnie are good but I am a ‘new-composer’. I hope to show more songs to Neverlands in the future.

Minnie: This is our first comeback of 2021, we prepared a lot to show you. Please look forward to us in this comeback as well!

Shuhua: Please look forward to our promotions. Also, the concept of our album actually suits the weather right now!

Yuqi: It’s a new year and we have made our comeback. The weather is rather cold now but when you listen to our album, we hope that you will feel warmer from the ‘fire’. We hope to promote this comeback while being healthy and have fun! Wishing everyone an enjoyable 2021!

Soojin: This is an album with a lot of precious songs that the members have participated in writing and composing. Please be careful of the cold and be healthy.

Check out (G)I-DLE's 'HWAA' M/V here:

We would like to extend our gratitude to Cube Entertainment for the media invitation.

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