[Exclusive] The Hidden Gem sogumm Releases New Single 'Encourage' Featuring 10CM + Message to Malaysian Fans

Monday, December 21, 2020

Rising Korean singer-songwriter Sogumm has captured listeners' hearts with her unique vocal tone and relatable lyrics since her debut as an independent artist in 2015. Recently the singer released her new single titled 'Encourage' featuring 10CM which the track tells about love and how people can be a source of encouragement for one another. 

In conjunction with her new release, GOKPOP caught up with sogumm and talked about her collaboration with various artists and her thoughts after crowning as the winner for AOMG's survival program 'SignHere' and winning the 'Rookie of the Year' at 17th Korean Music Awards.

Q: Tell us more about your music style. Introduce to those who have yet to know about sogumm and your music.

sogumm: This is a difficult question to answer. It’s hard for me to define my style in one sentence. I still don’t know what kind of person I am. I think I am still in the process of getting to know myself. After trying more things and got to know me better, I should be able to define my style in one word.

Q: You have collaborated with various artists such as ZICO, OHHYUK, DJ Wegun, Jay Park and more since debut, how did the collaboration come about?  

sogumm: Thankfully, even when my name wasn’t well known, many artists supported and asked me to work together because they saw the potential in me. So, many musicians supported me when I started to work on my own album. Everyone who helped me did it as a favor that all of the collaborations so far flowed smoothly. 

Q: What encourages you to join AOMG’s audition program 'SignHere'

sogumm: I heard about the audition program ‘SignHere’ while I was working on multiple projects simultaneously. I had this feeling that joining the audition would challenge me to reach a new breakthrough as an artist. As I joined, I wondered “Maybe this could be an opportunity for me to challenge myself to live my life to the fullest.” 

Q: How do you feel crowning as the winner of AOMG’s audition program and signed under the label?  

sogumm: At first, I was so happy that I had won, but I felt a lot of pressure. Maybe it’s because I didn’t expect to win but, I was at a limbo. On one hand, I just couldn’t believe it and on the other hand, the mental burden of it was consuming me from the inside out. After getting through those moments, I feel a lot less pressured by it now. 

Q: How do you feel winning the ‘Rookie of the Year’ in 17th Korean Music Awards?  

sogumm: I also can’t believe this happened and I’m still at awe about it. When I look at the trophy, I still think “Did I really win this?”. It’s such a prestigious award and I don’t think that I won because of me being great. I want to take this chance to thank the producers and everyone who helped me with the album process because it was all from their great efforts. 

Q: What’s your upcoming plan in 2021? 

sogumm: 2020 was a year of adjusting to life at AOMG and thinking about what to do from now on. I think 2021 is going to be the year that I put those thoughts into action. I want to release an album and show you guys a lot more of myself. 

Q: Any message to fans in Malaysia?  

sogumm: Hello everyone! I know that COVID-19 has taken the best of our lives this year, but I hope that you guys were able to feel a little encouraged through my new single ‘Encourage’. I will be looking forward to the day that I get to meet you guys on stage after the pandemic. Thank you.

Her vocal tone may not be mainstream but there's no doubt that this uniqueness made her shine as one of the most recognised rookies in the R&B scene. Be sure to check out sogumm's latest release 'Encourage' and you definitely love it:

photos credit to AOMG, sogumm

Thank you Maxperience for the interview opportunity.

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