[EXCLUSIVE] Find Out What CLC Said @ 'Helicopter' Online Media Showcase: Wish to Meet Fans Soon!

Sunday, September 20, 2020

CLC released the highly anticipated visuals for the record on 2 September. Co-written by member Ye-Eun, the trap pop and EDM powerhouse song “Helicopter” hit 20 million views on YouTube in less than four days – setting a new personal record for the group. Also, since its release on 2 September, the album had sold a total of 12,834 copies which is 3.5 times higher than their previous first-week sales record. 

We caught up with the group to talk about the new release and what they’ve got planned for this comeback. 

Q: It has been one year since the last CLC comeback, how have you been? Do you feel nervous to perform on stage after a year?

YEEUN: We have individual promotional activities and have spent much time on self-development as well. It's been a productive year for us. It'll be a lie if I say I'm not anxious, but we feel more relief as we prepared very hard over the past year. We’re confident because we are well-prepared.

Q: How does this comeback, ‘HELICOPTER’ stands out from your previous comebacks? 

SORN: This comeback is different from other comebacks because “HELICOPTER” has lyrics that tell the story about CLC and our future. I feel a special connection to this song and I want our fans to get inspired by this song like all of us too. 

EUNBIN: Our new single “HELICOPTER” is a song every single CLC member liked since the beginning. So I feel confident and assured about it. It’s the story of CLC.

Q: What feelings or message do you want to leave your listeners with after hearing this song?
YUJIN: “HELICOPTER” talks about “rising up”. The world is going through a challenging time right
now, so I hope people will feel better and get energized by listening to our music.

EUNBIN: And there is an English version of the song too. The lyrics of the English version came out so well, so I wish our international fans will check it out and receive the energy and message that we want to deliver.

Q: Is there any part of the world that you want to go to someday on tour?
SORN: We’re in a tough time right now, but when things get better, I hope the seven of us will get to go on a world tour, visit our fans, and share fun and happy moments with them to make up for all the times they spent waiting for us.

Q: If you would like to enter the acting industry as an actress, any roles you hope to receive?
SEUNGHEE: I want to be the best friend of the female lead. 

YUJIN: I want to play the daughter of a rich family. I think I’ll do a good job at playing a sassy character too hehe 

SEUNGYEON: I want to be a warrior in a historical drama or a spy. 

SORN: Because of TikTok, I’ve started to have interest in acting. For the past 5 years I’ve always told everyone that I really hate acting, but this year, I’ve been thinking I might actually do really well. If there is a chance, I would like to act in a comedy-drama either in Thailand or Korea. 
YEEUN: I don’t have any plans yet, but if I’m given the chance, I want to play a role that could be in the film “The Thieves.” 

ELKIE: I’ve tried acting but I haven’t been the lead role yet. I heard from my actor friends that being the supporting character and the main character are completely different, so although it may be difficult to lead the whole piece as the main character, I want to give it a try!  

EUNBIN: I really want to be in an action one day. 

Q: Early this year, CLC's 'ME(įžŽ)' and 'Devil', ranked 5th and 7th respectively on BILLBOARD World Digital Songs Chart. So, what are your goals for this comeback?
SEUNGYEON: I heard wonderful news recently—I heard that BTS ranked #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. It’s a huge accomplishment and a sign that K-pop is being loved by people from all over the globe. We also hope to get to see our name on the Billboard charts this time.

Q: CLC received their music show win for their previous comeback! What ceremony would CLC be preparing if ‘HELICOPTER’ receives a music show win as well? 
SEUNGYEON: I want to shoot a special choreography video with the pilot uniform on at a heliport.

EUNBIN: I’ll have a discussion with my bandmates and let you know. Personally, maybe a ceremony with the propeller hat on?

Q: Please give a shout-out to CHESHIREs in Singapore and Malaysia! 
SEUNGHEE: I wish I could get on a helicopter and fly to you right now! Dear CHESHIRE, I always miss you and I’m always thankful for you. Stay safe and let’s get through this together. Love you! 
YUJIN: CHESHIRE, your support always gives me energy! It’s so disappointing that we can’t meet because of the COVID-19 situation. Stay healthy until we meet! Love you always! SEUNGYEON: Hi Singaporean and Malaysian CHESHIRE. Thank you for always supporting us from such a distance. Although we can’t actually meet, I know we’re exchanging feelings on social media, gaining energy, and staying together! Hope we will be able to meet very soon. I miss you so much! 
SORN: Hello everyone! I hope that you guys are doing well. Thank you for always waiting for us, and I hope that you guys will like our new single. If there is a chance in the future, we would love to go see you all in person! Please wait for us guys. 
YEEUN: Dear Singaporean and Malaysian CHESHIRE :) Are you all doing well? Thank you for always sending love and support for CLC from afar. We will give our best so you can be proud of us! When things get better, we will come to visit you. Please stay healthy and wait for us! Love you~ 
ELKIE: Thank you so much for supporting us from a distance, CHESHIRE! I’m so sorry we can’t come to meet you at the moment. Let’s get through this well and find the right time to meet! Miss you lots! Love you! 
EUNBIN: You know I always miss you right? I know how you feel, CHESHIRE. I love you!

Video Highlights at "Helicopter" Online Media Showcase:

*picture by Cube Ent.

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