[Exclusive Interview] KARD Hopes To Return to Malaysia For A Tour Event/Concert?!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

KARD returned to Malaysia after a year and this time round is for ASICS's GEL-BND KL Launch Party. Before the launch, KARD sat down with us and talked about being the regional brand ambassador of the sports brand, their fashion styles, food they had in Malaysia and even their rival group.

Q: What's so special about ASICS?

J.seph: Since middle school, I've only been wearing ASICS. I really like the running shoes that they released back then because I used to be on track and field and play football. It was very comfortable when I wore it, so since then I only wore ASICS. So personally I am really happy and honored to be the brand ambassador.

Q: How do you see KARD fitting into ASICS?
Jiwoo: As a co-ed group, we are able to showcase both women and men's clothing. We are able to show variety of items and sizes at the same time too. I think that's our specialty.  

Q: Would you call yourself a sneakerhead?

Somin: I really have lots of sneakers. I always get the urge to buy new shoes because it's very pretty. Also, it's very comfortable to wear and easy to match. 

J.seph: When people asked what's the first thing I notice when I meet someone, I would say shoes. So even-though, I don't know well about that person, I'll be able to identify that person through the shoes he/she wears. 

Q: Which member do you think has a very good sense of fashion and who's not?
BM: I want to say everyone. Because everyone is good at dressing how they want to dress and they are good at expressing themselves as their own individual person through their fashion. 

Q: Can you describe your own personal style?
BM: I was kinda different like almost everyday but nowadays I kinda like going for super baggy comfortable style. I kinda have to wear like triple 3XL tee plus a baggy sweatpants with a gang of chains (ps: minimum 3 he said). It's kinda like the fashion that I go for nowadays. 

Somin: Rather than just sticking to one, I prefer to wear different styles. I am trying and exploring different new styles to find the one that best suits me. 

Jiwoo: I wear many different styles and among those I know what I like most and which suits me well. I like accessories and layering styles too. 

J.seph: For me, I think is to wear according to the right season. There's one sentence that really embarrassed me when I heard it, "Aren't you hot?" and "Aren't you cold?". So I think wear according to the season is essential. When wearing padding, I won't match it with short pants. It's without a doubt. Even in front of my house, I won't wear short pants with padding no matter how cold it is. That's my style. 

Q: It's been a year since you visited Malaysia, did you manage to try more local food?

BM: Nasi Lemak but I had something else which starts with a 'b'. (with the help of the staff, he then answered) Nasi Briyani. That was really good.

J.seph: Yesterday we had steam fish. I am not sure what it is but it was really delicious. Also, chilli crab!

Q: Who do you think is your competitor in the K-POP industry?
BM/Somin/Jiwoo: I don't think we have.

J.seph: Anyhow I think I should describe it as a mountain that we'll need to cross over. I would say our senior Akdong Musician. We definitely can't win as they are blood related but it's something that we want to work towards to..though we have different directions.

Q: Final message to Hidden KARDs in Malaysia.
BM: We are very excited to see you guys this time. If you guys haven brought ASICS's GEL-BND, you guys need to buy this. This is super swag and comfortable. For everyone that came to the event, thank you for coming out. Hopefully, we'll be in your city, Malaysia again for a tour event or a concert. Thank you all for always supporting and loving us. We love you guys. 

Check out the full interview here:

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