DAY6 is ready to rock with MYDAYs in ‘Gravity’ Concert in Singapore

Monday, October 07, 2019

The rising rock band, DAY6, returned to our sunny island for the third time! The 5-membered boy band held their world tour concert, ‘GRAVITY’ at The Star Theatre on 5 October 2019, Saturday.

The show started off with a bang as DAY6 entered the stage with “Best Part”, which left fans on their feet, jumping at their seats and jamming to the music. The packed venue was beautifully lit up with a sea of fanlights My Days (affectionate name for DAY6 fans) were holding, creating a truly beautiful sight!

Mediocre certainly does not exist in DAY6’s dictionary! Contrary to their goofy and witty personality offstage, DAY6 professionally delivered high-quality performances throughout the show. My Days in Singapore were in for a treat with the explosive tracks, “Sing Me”, “I Wish”, “Somehow” and their latest song, “Time of Our Life”. The vibes at the venue were crazy! On top of the exceptionally intense lighting and stage effects, the voices of My Days singing along to the hit tracks of the band undeniably gave everyone goosebumps.
The cool electric guitarist, Jae, teased the fans that he read the tweets from My Days who expressed their longing to hear the tracks from the band’s younger days. “Because of your amazing and endless stream of tweets, we have changed the setlist to the songs that you guys want to hear,” revealed Jae who communicated to fans in fluent English throughout the concert. Of course, when it comes to fan service, Jae surpasses everyone else, right?
The atmosphere was intensely hyped up as the experienced band hooked fans with “So Cool”, “Out of My Mind”, “Feeling Good”, “How to Love” and “For Me”. The moment all fans were anticipating for was none other than the track, “Wanna Go Back”, where the adored drummer, Dowoon, sings. DAY6 could not hold back their excitement to hype the youngest of the band during his part in the song, leaving My Days exclaiming with glee at the adorable sight!

The surprises surely did not come to an end! The concert continued with DAY6 performing a refreshing medley of not only their songs but also western hit tracks—“Shape of You” , “Like That Sun”, “Days Gone By”, “Treasure”, “Blood” and “Get Lucky”, assuring My Days the three-year-wait was worthwhile. The band also had a throwback to their old but gold tracks, “Colours”, “I Need Somebody”, “I Wait” and “Lean on Me”.
The highlight of the concert was undeniably the powerful solo stages. Witnessing Dowoon on his drums, Young K on his bass, Sungjin on his guitar, Wonpil with his synth and Jae on his electric guitar, DAY6 proved their unquestionable musicianship as they flawlessly slayed the stage.

Like idol like fan— DAY6 performed with little to no breaks yet they were constantly full of energy. The continuous roaring proved that My Days were certainly of no exception! Regrettably, nothing gold can stay, the band left the stage with bass-strong tracks like “Warning!” and “Shoot Me”, leaving fans with an entertaining VCR.
DAY6 united back onto the stage for the encore with “Cover”. Passionate My Days were singing along with the boys as everyone waved their mobile flashlights along to the soothing track. My Days in Singapore even prepared a tear-jerking video for the band, which highlighted the journey and achievements of DAY6. It was a touching sight as My Days sang along to “Beautiful Feeling” the BGM of the video.
After the emotional video made by the loving My Days, DAY6 was visibly touched and were speechless for a while, being closed to tears. Feeling overwhelmed, Jae signaled for the members to convey their thoughts and feelings one at a time. Wonpil shared, “I really felt goosebumps. Firstly, this is our first time doing a concert in Singapore, I know everyone is busy but thank you for taking your time off to come here with us.” He also commented that Singapore has a lot of delicious food which he enjoyed very much. “I hope everyone had a great time today. Please always be energised and I hope you guys will only hear and see good things, thank you for giving us unforgettable memories. I just hope everyone is happy, thank you everyone. We will be here next time.
The suave bassist went on with his ment in English. “You guys are my motivation, you inspire me and you guys are the reason why I sing, I write songs, and go on, so thank you very much. You guys are telling me that we’re doing well right? Honestly, we, DAY6 have this many people telling us that we’re doing well. It might not be enough for you guys but we want to tell you that you are doing your best, you are doing well so you have the right to be happy so we are going to wish you all the happiness that you can. Thank you very much, we hope that you are always happy. Eat a lot and stay healthy.
Our beloved drummer, Dowoon, expressed, “The last time we were here for a fanmeeting and now we’re here for a concert, thank you for allowing us to be on this stage once again. I am really happy today, you guys touched my heart. (he said this in English!). We will be back, we will come back, yeah. Happiness! Be happy everyone.” As expected from our vibrant and bubbly youngest member of the band, My Days squealed with delight at Dowoon’s adorable remark.
Singapore My Days’ voices are so beautiful, (you guys) touched my heart, thank you. Work hard, play hard and study hard, on the stage, I’ll do my best (amazing English, as expected from Bob!). I’m still lacking so I will work harder to be someone you can be proud of, thank you so much guys,” stated the leader of the band, Sungjin, who sweetly did his best to communicate to the fans in English. That’s our leader!
Jae, being the smooth-talker he is, expressed in English, “Today could not have been more beautiful, more perfect, energetic, you guys were crazy today, Singapore goes HARD! I really appreciate you guys for sharing the energy with us, thank you for heeding the instructions, though looking a little dumb with us (jumping along to the music), we hope you all had as much fun as we had today. Honestly thank you very much for having us back here, hopefully see you all soon!” The concert ended on a high note with DAY6 performing the classics, “You Were Beautiful”, “Congratulations” and “Dance Dance” before officially closing the concert with “Freely”.
DAY6, who showed deep sincerity and professionalism throughout the show, left the stage with a final group bow towards My Days. The concert was undoubtedly a special one for My Days as they could not bear to part with the boys and conclude the amazing night.
I guess we can confidently say that the jam-packed concert was a blast and DAY6 surely made ‘My Day’ a memorable one! On a side note, DAY6 will be making a comeback with "The Book of Us: Entropy" on 22 October. Do show your support for their upcoming comeback!

We would like to extend our gratitude to Live Nation Singapore for the invitation.

Written by: Amanda Chin
Official photos by: Live Nation Singapore

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