Experience Seoul Culture at MyTown Shopping Centre on 20 ~ 22 September

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) is back again this September bringing the charming Seoul cultural experience to Malaysia in conjunction with the promotion of their 2019 campaign, Live Seoul like I do, Create & Share

As part of the global promotional efforts, STO will hold a fun and engaging 3-day promotional event entitled ‘Seoul Culture Showroom in Kuala Lumpur’ at MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur from 20th to 22nd September.

This event is designed especially to give Malaysians a glimpse of the cultural diversity they could experience when they visit Seoul. The activities at the event include; from trying on colorful Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) to tasting some delicious Korean snacks such as the all-time favorite Binggrae’s Banana Milk at the ‘Seoul Halal Café’, and dancing to some awesome K-pop beats – an event suitable for all ages.
Make you own Seoul Guide Book at "My Curating Seoul" zone
Other than first-hand experiences, exciting gifts are available to take home for those who participate in the activities in addition to amazing freebies like posters and shopping bags for local K-pop fans. Souvenirs from Korea are available for redemption by subscribing to Seoul Tourism Organization’s social media channels.

Moreover, a new 2019 Seoul tourism promotional video featuring Seoul’s Honorary Tourism Ambassadors, will also be making its debut to world at the event.

Malaysia is known for having a larger Muslim population, thus STO has carefully crafted the event with information highlighting Seoul’s infrastructure that caters to Muslim visitors. This information includes Seoul Infra Map where it highlights location of halal-certified and pork-free restaurants, prayer rooms, and more.

"As Muslims are emerging as a key tourism market, competing Asian countries including Taiwan and Japan are actively attracting Muslim travelers," said Byun Dong-hyun, the Chief Director of the Global Marketing Team in Seoul Tourism Organization. "We will focus on expanding infrastructure for Muslims in Seoul reflecting their needs and preferences, while promoting Muslim infrastructures such as halal restaurants and prayer rooms that we already have."

Building on the success of their previous campaign, the Create & Share campaign brings together a holistic experience for those who will be visiting Seoul both offline and online. The campaign encourages Seoul visitors to design not just their personalized trips and creating their very own experiences but to share those wonderful memories they made in Seoul as a Seoulite with the people they love online, while spreading the unique charm of Seoul to the world.

Let BTS shows you how they Create & Share in Seoul:

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