VIXX's Leo, The Painters, SACHOOM and More Thrilled the Audiences with Exciting Performance

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Over the weekend of 27th and 28th July, VIXX's Leo, rookie boy group T-Bird and 3 non-verbal acts - The Painters, Sachoom x EDM and JUMP came to our shores to perform for K-Performance Show 2019. It's an event organized by Korea Tourism Malaysia aiming to showcase different genres of performing arts available in Korea through the new themed travel called Korea Performing Arts Tourism. 1 day before the actual showcase, we were invited to the press conference to catch a sneak peek of these unique performances and had a short media Q&A session with VIXX's Leo.
Returning to Malaysia for the first time as a solo artist, VIXX's Leo firstly expressed how much he missed the members (VIXX) and being sorry for not being able to perform in Malaysia together with the members for such a long period of time. Check out the Q&A with VIXX's Leo:

Q: We knew you use both hands to write but which hand does you use to autograph?
Leo: I am actually left-handed but I use my right hand when comes to autograph.

Q: Any places you would like to visit in Malaysia?
Leo: Actually I haven had time to travel around Malaysia because of my tight schedule. But if I'm going (to travel), I wanted to visit the palace to see how it looks like because I only see from the pictures.

Q: Have you tried any local food?
Leo: There's a fried rice that made with coconut milk and today, I ate two bowls of that fried rice. It's really delicious, so I'll keep eating it before leaving.
Q: Previously you were very shy with the fans but you came out of your shell. When did you feel the changes and did Starlight get benefits from the insight? 
Leo: Although I am a singer but I am kind of a shy person. Rather than saying my personality changed, I think I am getting more comfortable because of my fans. Thanks to my fans, I am who I am now. So I wanted to become a single that able to return the support (received from the fans).

Q: What are your thoughts coming to Malaysia as solo artist this time?
Leo: I think there are lots of moments that I missed being in a team. Especially today, many fans came to welcome me at the airport. And it's been 2 years since I come to Malaysia, actually, I feel sorry for not being able to perform here although it's just a near distance. Even though I came as solo artist, Leo but I will do my best to show you a stage and music that filled with happiness.
Dance musical by Sachoom
Apart from the well-known K-POP genre, Korea Tourism Organization also offers a wide array of  traditional performances, percussion performances, B-boy shows, fusion Gugak (traditional music), live comedy shows, and even martial arts.
EDM performance by DJ Roots
K-Performance Show 2019 press conference kick started with a series of non-verbal performances from JUMP, The Painters and Sachoom x EDM.
Comic Martial Arts, JUMP
JUMP showcased their exciting comedy show about a family of martial artists. The one and only world-first art performance, The Painters however, performed a mind-blowing act of live drawing with incredulous visual effects and a witty blend of mime, dance and comedy. Lastly, the highly popular dance musical, Sachoom x EDM showcased their sleek moves accompanied by a simple story. 
The world-first art performance, The Painters
During the weekend, 4 showcases were performed to members of public who registered their complimentary passes via Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)'s event partner, KLOOK. The Performers enchanted and thrilled the audience with their unique acts and skills and had brought to "live" Korea Tourism Organization's approach to "entertainment tourism", where these and many more "Live" shows and performances are available in Korea whole year through!

Check out the highlights at K-Performance Show 2019 Press Conference:
photo credit: KTO Malaysia

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