TWICE is Here to Cheer You Up: 5 Greatest Moments at TWICELIGHTS in KL

Friday, August 23, 2019

Mixed emotions filled TWICE World Tour 2019 'TWICELIGHTS' in Kuala Lumpur as the members addressed the concert cancellation issue happened last year and the absence of member Mina. Despite the emotional side, TWICE was full of energy throughout the concert, making sure a year of waiting is worth the while. Check out some of best moments at #TWICELIGHTSinKL.

Visually Appealing Stage Presence

Deafening screams filled Axiata Arena last Saturday (17 August) as TWICE made their grand entrance with a remix version of "Stuck in My Head", "Cheer Up" and "Touchdown". Unlike their previous lovely and sweet concepts, TWICE dressed in all-black attire and showed off their bolder sides during the opening stage. 
TWICE put on the white dresses and wowed the audiences with their angelic looks when moved on to the ballad tracks. The venue turned into a sea of mint green light sticks when the opening riff of "After Moon" was played. Dahyun commented "The fanlights are so beautiful. This colour stands for Mina. Mina is not with us today but this makes us feel that she's always with us."

Girl Crush Sub-Units
Dahyun, Sana and Tzuyu were first up to cover Beyonce's "Dance For You". The trio always associated with sweet and cute images but this performance gave a completely new sound for the group. Dressed in all-red outfits, the girls showed off their sexy dance moves of "Dance For You".
Next up was Momo and Jihyo's performance. The duo performed their own rendition of TAEMIN's "Goodbye" and their seamlessly eye-catching choreographed dances definitely got fans dancing and chanting for them. Paired with MOMO, the dancing machine of the group, Jihyo proved that she's not only good in singing but excel in dancing as well.  
Nayeon, Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon, however, hyped the audiences with the fast beat of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way". Nayeon brought laughter during the break as she explained that it was Chaeyoung's idea to form the sub-unit and she picked the members based on visuals. But Chaeyoung said with a cozy laugh "I actually picked the members based on their charisma."  
Heart-shaking Night in TWICE Greatest Hits
The second half of the concert was overflowing with cheer and joy. TWICE turned up the heat with fans' favourite hits such as "Likey", "What is Love", "T.T", "Signal" and 'Fancy', with the fans chanting along to the chorus. You could tell by the deafening screams in the mostly male audiences.  
Asides at several points, the members took the opportunity to interact with fans in Malay language, particularly when Dahyun said "Bagus!".

A Gift for TWICE
To commemorate TWICE first time performing in Malaysia, fans made a video to thank and express their love to the members. The video was peppered with lovely scenes, describing their excitement when they first heard of TWICE making a stop in Kuala Lumpur for TWICELIGHTS world tour. An emotional turn when the members expressed how grateful and overwhelmed they were. Fans were also seen holding the hand banner written 'μ–Έμ œλ‚˜ λ„€ 곁에 λ‚΄κ°€ μžˆμ—ˆλ˜ κ±Έ κΈ°μ–΅ν•΄' (Remember that I'll always be there for you) to show their support to the members. 

Lovely Messages From TWICE
TWICE has touched the hearts of many during the talk session. Leader Jihyo started by rewinding last year moments when they were in Malaysia "I still remember last year, I was in hotel thinking of the concert which scheduled to hold on the next day but unfortunately it was cancelled. / Thank you for coming here again. I feel thankful and sorry at the same time. Thank you for waiting for us." 
Momo added "I can feel how much you miss us. We couldn't perform here last year and we know you were very sad but same goes for us. Thankfully, we are able to perform today. So, I hope next year we'll have the opportunity to come back here. Saya akan balik sini (I'll be back)."
Dahyun then said "I feel that Mina is always with us all thanks to you. Thank you for waiting and please stay with us. Terima kasih (thank you). Kamu paling baik (you're the best). See you again.

Sana made a sweet comment and said "Our hearts are always connected no matter how far we are. We'll be back. ONCEs jumpa lagi.(See you again ONCEs)

Nayeon, however, brought a smile to everyone's face as she assured fans that they would return to perform "I want to make a promise. I hope we'll return to Malaysia to perform. Till the day we meet please stay healthy. Saya tak akan lupa malam ini (I won't forget tonight).

Jeongyeon then thanked the fans and said "Our next album will be releasing soon. So we'll come back with our new song so please wait a little longer. Terima kasih kerana datang (Thank you for coming)." 
The nearly three-hours set sent fans into a dizzy as TWICE thrilled the audiences with their smooth vocals, flawless choreography and dynamic stages. Although Mina unable to join their first performance in Malaysia but we bet ONCEs who attended the concert surely had a great time last Saturday. Hoping Mina a speedy recovery and return to Malaysia with OT9. 

1. Stuck In My Head
2. Cheer Up
3. Touch Down
4. BDZ (Bulldozer)
5. Yes or Yes
6. I Want You Back
7. Dance The Night Away
8. After Moon
9. You In My Heart
10. Sunset
11. Heart Shaker
12. Strawberry
13. Woohoo
14. Dance For You (Sana, Dahyun, Tzuyu)
15. Goodbye (Momo, Jihyo)
16. Born This Way (Chaeyeon, Jeongyeong, Nayeon)
17. Likey
18. What Is Love
19. Like Ooh-Aah
20. T.T
21. Fancy
22. Signal
23. Knock Knock
24. Stuck

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