Kang Daniel Fanmeet 2019 – Color on Me in Singapore

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The nation’s number one pick from Produce 101 was recently back in town for his very first fanmeet 'Color on Me' on the 16th August 2019 at Singapore Indoor Stadium following his solo debut. Moreover, Singapore fans had the exclusive chance of being the very first overseas fans to experience Color on Me, as Singapore was the very first stop on the tour list.

The show started off with a bang; with the opening act being ‘Color’, where Kang Daniel serenaded the crowd. After which, Kang Daniel had a rather in-depth interview session with the emcee, and answered a plethora of questions! He was amazed that fans could understand everything he said in Korean, so he always thought that all Singaporeans are really smart. For fans who have been waiting, the star has promised that the wait for an official fandom name will be over soon, and to look forward to content (videos) that he will be releasing soon!
During the quiz segment, Kang Daniel had to answer Singapore-centric questions and the iconic moment for fans would definitely be when he had to say, ‘Eh give chance leh, I blur sia!

When asked about his thoughts on his journey as an artist thus far, Kang Daniel revealed that prior to the release of "Color on Me", he was not able to meet his fans for 6 months, so when he established Konnect, this special mini-album was released in a rush so that fans would not have to wait any longer. The name "Color" came about because he wanted to be able to express himself more, and he personally thinks that the title track "What Are You Up To" represents him very well! Although his all-time favourite from this mini album is actually "I HOPE". For him, it was extremely nerve-wrecking to be back on stage again after so long, and he almost cried during the showcase for the release of ‘Color on Me’. Quoting the star, "At times I felt like tearing or crying, but I held it in! I didn’t cry! That’s the point!!"

Kang Daniel revealed that he had the habit of writing down nice things that fans say to him, so when he wrote the lyrics for I HOPE, it was more of him replying to all these messages during the time he was unable to meet his fans. For Wannables, Kang Daniel still keeps in touch with his Wanna One members! He shared that even before take-off, he was still talking to some of them because of how nervous he was, and was very thankful for the things they told him because it helped a lot. Adding on to the good news; he did not expect to break the records! Throughout the fanmeet, Kang Daniel took every opportunity to express how thankful and appreciative he was for all the support and love the fans have given him, and that he will do his best to repay them.
Moving on to the game section, there were two games; guessing what Kang Daniel ate from the dance he does, and dart roulette (he has to do whatever corresponds to the number he hits on the dartboard).

The artist returned to the stage again with the captivating performance of ‘Horizon’, which definitely had fans screaming in their seats throughout! After a quick outfit change into the iconic pink jumpsuit, fans were treated to the live performance of "What Are You Up To"

Before the ending stage, the star shared his heartfelt thoughts; "The journey was really long but time passed very quickly. I realized that my fans have always been there and are always supporting me. I would like to show you a complete artist, and I hope my fans can live on their lives happily when they listen to my songs. It has not been very long since my debut, I want to be the artist you guys always think of when Performance is mentioned! I always thank you for supporting me and cheering me on. Maybe next time you can come to South Korea and attend all my concerts and fanmeetings? Love and peace!"

Fans were in for a treat when Kang Daniel did a special performance of Justin Bieber’s "Sorry", and then wrapped up the show with "I HOPE" during the encore!

The night was filled with diverse performance styles and heartwarming moments. Fans are definitely looking forward to what this multi-talented artist has in store for the future, and for the next show that he brings to our sunny island.

We would like to thank UnUsUaL Entertainment for the invitation.

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