GFRIEND Rewards Malaysian Buddies with A Spectacular Show in Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Malaysian Buddies' dreams finally came true when GFRIEND brought its 2019 Go Go GFRIEND Asia Tour in Kuala Lumpur on 29th June 2019 at Stadium Malawati, staging memorable performances and gifting fans with heartwarming moments first time ever in Malaysia!

Before they performed for fans, GFRIEND members - Sowon, Eunha, Yerin, SinB, Yuju and Umji, spared some time to meet the local media at a press conference that was scheduled by Macpiepro on Friday (28th June). 
Dressed in preppy yet elegant white & black outfits, the girls exhibited such calm aura but also evidently thrilled and delighted to see a great number of attendees & local media were there to welcome them. During the Q&A session, the girls were very enthusiastic in expressing their thoughts and interest towards to their Malaysian Buddies. Sowon said, 

“We took a long haul flight to come here and when we arrived at the airport, they gave us a warm welcome - I have a thought, 'ah they have been waiting for us for a long time' I felt good and I can't wait to create more memories with our fans."

Adding to that, the members also mentioned, “We will be preparing a special stage for our fans by changing one of our songs lyrics to Malaysian language.”

Yuju was also excited in trying Malaysian food, she said, “We heard that there are so many food in Malaysia, we really want to try Nasi Lemak!”
When asked whether they’re going to perform their new song titled “Fever” at the concert, the girls immediately giggled and kindly denied, Sowon said,

 “We won’t be performing our new song at the show, however, please wait for another three days for the release!” (We’re sure Buddies are enjoying the new song right now!)

Concert Day
During the day of the concert, Stadium Malawati was near to full capacity with over 4,300 fans – they were such in high spirits and anticipating for the show to start. Soon, the crowd was erupting in cheers as GFRIEND started off the show with their hit single, 'Me Gustas Tu'. As promised earlier, the girls added some Malaysian twist by changing some of the lyrics from “Joha-haeyo (좋아해요) to “Suka kamu” (I like you) during their performance.

The girls wore pastel coloured outfits to match their cheerful and bright stage presence, gracing everyone with their sunshine-like energy while performing their summery songs including, 'Life Is A Party' and 'Vacation'.
It was also fun to see that GFRIEND had taken some time to learn Bahasa Malaysia for their fans. They absolutely did not hesitate at showing off their cuteness while shouting out different phrases, such as ‘Baby Sayang,’ ‘Seronok tak (Is it fun?) and 'Bagus!' (Good!).
One of the highlights of the night was when the girls splited into sub-units, including Hug Hug (Eunha, Yerin and Umji) and World Peace (SinB, Yuju and Sowon), both groups were in different concepts and songs, from cutesy bright vibes 'Shy Boy' to strong girl-crush 'Monday Blues'.

After a short break, the girls then changed to their bedazzled black and silver outfits to suit the concept of their toned-down mellow songs, including 'Fingertip' - while also showcasing their live vocal abilities with a ballad version of Rough.

The fan-chants grew even louder when GFRIEND performed their highly anticipated songs including 'Sunrise' and 'Time For The Moon Night'. It was rather different from the usual bright concepts, as the girls showed more of their charismatic side and powerful fast-paced choreography. (Check out the video below!)
GFRIEND also took a break expressing their gratitude and love towards their fans, how thankful they are to see so many people attending their concert. Yuju said,  "Over the years, we have been reading comments on social media from Malaysian buddies telling us to come here, finally we're on stage with you guys!"

Umji, with her excellent English skills, mentioned, “If you keep this kind of high energy, we will keep coming back to Malaysia again”

Eunha also added,  “We cannot return to Korea because your cheers are very loud!”
The show ended off with several encore songs, including 'Hope', with lyrics personally written by the GFRIEND members as a special gift dedicating to their lovely Buddies.

Despite the three-hour long concert, there was never a dull moment with the girls, as they managed to hype up the crowd with their energetic charms and catchy music. We can see that they poured their hearts and passion into each of their stages - it definitely proved why they are one of the most loved girl groups in the K-pop industry.  

Check out our video 'GFRIEND Asia Tour in Malaysia' below!

We would like to express our gratitude to Macpiepro for inviting us to 2019 GFRIEND [Go Go GFRIEND] in Kuala Lumpur!

*photo credit: Macpiepro

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