MONSTA X Promises to Return with Wonho for next concert in Malaysia!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Currently on its We Are Here world tour, MONSTA X stopped by Kuala Lumpur and pull off a blockbuster show last Saturday (22 June) at Stadium Malawati. Although Wonho unable to join the show as he lost his passport when landed Malaysia but the members filled up the space and energized us with their explosive and visually stunning live performances. 
Dressed in regal black suits, MONSTA X made their grand entrance with 'Shoot Out', followed by 'Hero' and 'Tresspass'. The boys turned into charismatic beasts and got fans dancing and chanting for them. During the opening break, each member took turns to greet the fans and Joohoney gave Monbebes lots of laughter as he associated himself with the iconic "baksu" phrase (meaning clap) which there was a scene of him giving some opinions to the trainee during the vocal training lesson on survival program, Produce X 101. After the greetings, leader Shownu then apologized to the crowd on Wonho issue and assured fans that they would give a great show regardless.
MONSTA X then moved to the centre stage and performed the chill R&B track 'Party Time' and the deep house trend 'Play It Cool'. Riding on the chilling vibes, the members then moved on to perform 'Mohae' and 'Jealousy'. After the hits, the members separated into different sub-units and showcased their talents in each stage. Starting from Kihyun, Hyungwon and Minhyuk, they dressed in dandy black suits and showed off their powerful choreography of 'Myself'.
The group's rappers Joohoney and I.M, however, impressed the crowd with the upbeat '3HYTHM', during which Joohoney also showed off his drumming skills. Joohoney explained he wanted to incorporate Monbebe in their concept so the number "3" was actually represented him, I.M and the fans. Shownu and Wonho's unit stage was not presented but to not disappoint the fans, Shownu showed a little preview of his version of 'Mirror'. Following his solo stage, Shownu expressed his wish to return to Malaysia together with Wonho next time to show a complete duo dance performance.
While other members were backstage to change their outfits, the 'ETC' line - Kihyun, Hyungwon and Minhyuk were on stage to explain how the sub-units were formed. Kihyun said Shownu naturally paired up with Wonho and Jooheon with I.M which left 3 of them with each other. Hence, they named themselves as ETC, the Et Cetera.
Clad in white, all the members back on stage and performed the heartfelt tracks 'Honestly', 'I Do Love You', 'Sweetheart' and 'No Reason'. Fans went frenzy when the members came to the centre stage to perform. After the VCR, the stadium changed to a more upbeat atmosphere when 'Myself' and 'Dramarama' were played. The members then asked the fans to stand up and dance along with 'Oh My!', 'Special' and 'Fallin'. Following the performances, I.M then announced one song left to perform and the lights went off after they performed 'Alligator'. 
With fans expecting and shouting for an encore, Hyungwon | DJ H.ONE back on stage and turned the stadium to the EDM vibe. Although in between some technical issues occurred but this did not dim Monbebes' energy as Joohoney hyped up the crowd at the backstage while the staff was fixing the issue. (ps: thumbs-up for Joohoney) In support of DJ H.ONE, all the members came out and danced along to the EDM, which also got fans on their feet to the upbeat EDM.

During the encore stage, we can see Shownu's happy faces as Monbebe held the fan banners to wish him a Happy Birthday. (ps: Shownu's birthday is on 18 June) The leader thanked the fans for the great memories and celebrated his birthday together.
Before bidding farewell, I.M said "Thank you for inviting us to this beautiful country. Hope next time we'll come back as 7 members and show you a complete MONSTA X performance." Kihyun, however, apologised to the fans for wasting their time, money and passion because of the mistake which had fans strongly denying it. Joohoney then making sure the fans not to cry and said the missing spot was instead replaced by the endless support of Monbebes. After 2 hours drenched in sweet singing and dancing. the members made a wonderful close with 'Rodeo' and 'By My Side'.
After the concert, we know why MONSTA X win million hearts since debut. They have steady live vocals paired with the powerful choreography and we can feel how much Monbebes are mean to the group as they took every opportunity to show their affection to the fans. Also, not forgot to mention the way they handle issues on stage professionally. MONSTA X definitely gave us a memorable live show during that day. If you missed out this concert, fret not, as the group has promised to return to Malaysia with all 7-members.

photo credit: Macpiepro, official MONSTA X

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