Watch on JOOX: YO! MTV Raps showcase Asian Hip Hop Scene in Malaysia

Friday, April 19, 2019

Asian edition of YO! MTV Raps features 33 hip hop artists from 11 countries around the globe
Fans who love everything hip hop now have the chance to watch the best, brightest and hottest Asian rappers spit rhymes on heavy beats by livestreaming YO! MTV Raps on JOOX, Asia’s most popular music streaming app, all over Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Named the Best Music or Dance Programme at the inaugural 2018 Asian Academy Creative Awards, YO! MTV Raps will be blasting out new episodes every other Tuesday from April to June on JOOX, featuring what’s fresh and controversial in the hip-hop landscape as well as sizzling performances from Asian hip hop artists such as Dynamic Duo, Gray from South Korea, Daboyway from Thailand, Kmy Kmo from Malaysia and Dough Boy from Hong Kong, hosted by Singaporean rapper Yung Raja and DJ Kim Lee.

YO! MTV Raps Livestream schedules on JOOX:
YO! MTV Raps airs from mid-April onwards /
South Korean Hip Hop rappers who participated in this series (pic cr: MTV Asia)
Date: April 15 (Monday), April 30 (Tuesday), May 14 (Tuesday), May 28 (Tuesday), June 11 (Tuesday)
Time: 8PM (Malaysia) | 7PM (Indonesia & Thailand) | 6.30PM (Myanmar)

Apart from livestreaming the show, JOOX will also keep fans bouncing to the beat and updated on what’s hot in the hip hop scene by featuring up and coming hip hop artists and rappers in live interviews, so hip hop enthusiasts can learn more about their journey and culture. Stay tuned to more exclusive interview content on JOOX! A steady flow of hip hop playlists will also be available on the JOOX app. Download JOOX from either the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or access the JOOX website.

Asides, music producer Gray, Woo Won Jae and rap duo Dynamic Duo were spotted in Malaysia filming for YO! MTV Raps, read more:

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