Ong Seong Wu Filled Axiata Arena with Laughter and 'Eternity' Memories

Monday, March 25, 2019

8 months definitely were like an 'Eternity' waiting for Ong Seong Wu's fans in Malaysia! Ong Seong Wu back to our shores for the 4th time but this time was for his first solo fan meeting, 'Eternity' tour. (ps: Ong Seong Wu was previously in Malaysia with his fellow members for Wanna One 'ONE: THE WORLD' tour held in July last year.) Over 4,000 ecstatic fans from Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and U.S attended Ong Seong Wu 1st Fan Meeting 'Eternity' in Malaysia held last Saturday (23 March) at Axiata Arena. Whether you were there or not, be sure to check out what happened last Saturday.

Impressive Dance Moves & Versatile Vocal
Ong Seong Wu kick-started the fan meeting with a dance cover of Bruno Mars's 'Treasure'. Performing alone did not dim Ong Seong Wu's spotlight as he showcased his impressive dance moves. Riding on the dance track, Seong Wu treated the fans with ballads such as Lee Sora's 'Please' and Kim Jin-ho's 'Love This Moment'. The moment when Seong Wu sang 제발 (Please) 제발 (Please) 제발 (Please) towards the end of the few notes, the emotional resonate with us so deeply that it triggered goosebumps.

Get to Know More About Ong Seong Wu: OngTalk
OngTalk, a segment where he answered random questions sent by the fans via his 'OngTalk'  group chat When being asked about the pros and cons performing solo, he answered the pros is being able to show more about himself as Ong Seong Wu but the cons is loneliness - "I feel bored sometimes when I'm alone.", said Ong. (ps: we know he definitely misses his former members when performing solo.)

Seong Wu lighten up the atmosphere with his witty answer when being asked about the secret of his good looks - "Thanks to my parents, thanks to my stylists and cameramen who took a good photo of me". (ps: Seong Wu never failed to mesmerise the crowd with his funny personality ><) When being questioned whether to return to Sabah once again he then replied "I'll pack a bag full of food and return" - which brought the crowd to laughter. (ps: he visited Sabah previously for Law of the Jungle shooting)

OngStagram & OngPlay
During Ongstagram segment, Seong Wu shared the stories of the most memorable shots taken by himself during Golden Disk Awards, family trips to Danang and Kyoto and more. By looking at the photos we know why Seong Wu revealed during the press conference that he enjoyed taking photos of people with beautiful scenery as the background.

He also revealed that he's more confident with his right side when comes to the perfect selfie angle and not to forget his favourite, V-pose. He even did a quick tutorial by asking the fans to pose for a groupfie.

What surprised us was Seong Wu's dance to a medley of Wanna One hits - 'Energetic', 'Beautiful', 'Burn It Up' and 'Day by Day' during the 'OngPlay' segment. When the opening riff of 'Energetic' began playing at the background, the fans went wild chanting and singing along with the lyrics, showing how much they missed the members' LIVE performances. (ps: Seong Wu even did Wanna One's official greetings - All I Wanna Do, Wanna One before the music played TT')

Games Session: The Claw Game, What's In the Coffee & Sing A Malaysian Song
Seong Wu is all confident for the claw game
The first game of the night was the 'Claw Game' which Seong Wu is all confident to grab 5 toys out of the claw machine before starting the game. But, in the end, he only managed to grab 2 and eventually asked for another chance. > < 2 lucky fans were picked and walked home with the toy with Seong Wu's kisses and autograph.

Malaysian fans were definitely feeling special when the last game session required Seong Wu to sing 'Rasa Sayang'.

Gifts from the fans

To commemorate Seong Wu first time performing solo in Malaysia, fans made a video and also gifted a basket of flowers to thank him and express their love. The video was peppered with funny moments from his appearances on the reality shows to tearjerkers from the time on Produce 101.

The fan meeting concluded with a precious hi-touch session for all the attendees and a group photo session for the lucky winners. We surely believe that being able to get a high-touch from Ong Seong Wu is definitely a dream comes true to all the fans who attended the fan meeting. The 2-hours fan meeting was indeed a great night filled with laughter and 'Eternity' memories. Hopefully, after his TV debut, Seong Wu will release his solo album soon! 

Check out Ong Seong Wu 1st Fan Meeting 'Eternity' in Malaysia Press Conference:
For more photos, check out GOKpop Malaysia Facebook page.

photo credit: Hatchery Co., Ltd. 

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