Ambassador, GFRIEND Officiate at Coex Winter Festival 2018 Opening Ceremony

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

GFRIEND selected as the ambassador of Coex Winter Festival 2018
Coex is back with their 5th annual Coex Winter Festival which holds from 20th to 31st December 2018. This year the powerful girl group, GFRIEND, had been selected as the ambassador of Coex Winter Festival 2018. As the ambassador, GFRIEND was invited to the opening ceremony on 20th December, and with the accompany of other organisers, they officially launched the event and took photos with the organisers while holding the mascot of the event.
GFRIEND officiating the event together with the organiser
GFRIEND stated “We had been very grateful to be selected as the ambassador of this event and we were interested with this event every year. Although it’s a big responsibility to be the ambassador of such a big event, but we will do our best to promote this event and hope that everybody will have a good and prosperity 2019.
GFRIEND's Yerin 
GFRIEND’s leader, Sowon, was symbolized as the identity of the festival because her name carries the meaning of wishful and hope. Besides, she was born in the year of pig so she will be acting as a figure that brings hopes and wishes for the year 2019. Yuju added “The moon was shining bright in the dark sky tonight and there is a saying that said if you wish upon the moon, your wish will come true. So, let us wish upon the moon together and hope all of our dreams come true.
In celebration to Christmas, GFRIEND performed "Feliz Navidad" with their joyful spirit that infects everybody at the scene. In addition, they performed "TRUST", which is one of the side track in their 3rd mini album “Snowflake”. TRUST was chosen to be performed because it suits this winter and it has the ability to bring warmth to anybody that hears it. Although Sowon not able to attend the opening ceremony, but the members filled the venue with their energetic performances.
It was such a memorable event and everyone at the scene was absolutely affected by their sweetness, warmth and compassion. Let’s wish GFRIEND and everybody a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! 
Don't forget to visit Coex Winter Festival 2018 which taking place from 20th to 31st December with various activities - Christmas trees, photo zones, food truck, wish zone etc. 

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