WINNER of YG Entertainment successfully rounds up their first concert tour in Singapore

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Well-known as TEAM A previously during a YG Entertainment's survival show <WIN : Who is Next>, they emerged as the WINNER and debuted in 2014! They were here in our sunny island the last weekend for their first solo concert in Singapore. 
WINNER consisting of Kim Jinwoo (Jinu), Lee Seunghoon (Hoony)Song Minho (Mino) and Leader Kang Seungyoon (Yoon) brought their ‘WINNER 2018 EVERYWHERE TOUR’ to The Max Pavilion @ Singapore Expo and they rocked the stage with songs like EMPTY, REALLY REALLY and EVERYDAY
They are a really sincere yet goofy bunch of boys as they tried to engage the fans in English. They sent fans laughing off their seats during the first talk segment where they confessed that they arrived late in Singapore and couldn’t make it up the Singapore Flyer. They just had to take a group picture in front of the Singapore Flyer and would post that on their SNS (super honest boys)! The more touching reason behind this was that they actually wish to try to enjoy the local culture when they travel so that they can feel closer to the fans. InnerCircles, can you feel their efforts here?
WINNER went on to captivate Inner Circles (their fandom) with their special solo stages. It kicked off with Mino and his sleek moves with BODY. He looked so suave in his red suit(no shirt beneath) and continued to charm fans with the sexy 'Turn Off The Light' after that.
Amidst this heated atmosphere, they just had to calm fans down as Jinu take the next stage with a rendition of G-Dragon’s : Untitled, 2014. His powerful vocals had fans glued to their seats.

Next up was Leader Yoon with his captivating smile as he lured the crowd with his magical vocals. He performed 'It Rains' and later on, sang Troye Sivan’s Youth without any music accompaniment! This was the first time he performed this song (ain’t we lucky to witness this?). Yoon ended off his solo stage with 'Instictively'!

Last but not least, Hoony wowed the fans with Serenade. He also covered Taeyang’s RINGA LINGA and that got the fans all hyped up!

WINNER reunited on stage with 'We Were' and that wasn’t all. They continued with a series of ‘Intimate songs’ - 'For' and 'Raining'! They also got Inner Circles singing along for 'Movie Star'. Everyone was so into the moment and this was such a heart-warming scene.
There were simply lots of fanservice in the next talk segment and hearts flying around as the members tried to speak Singlish, English and showing how much they loved the fans in Singapore. This was really a very special night for them and Inner Circles.

If you think that they were going home just like that ... we were all wrong! A concert would never feel right without an encore segment! WINNER came on stage again to a fan project prepared for them. Inner Circles were forming the letter ‘W’ with their lights and the members noticed it! They requested for a photo to remember this moment ~

WINNER was really thankful to SingerCircle (the name they invented for Inner Circles in Singapore. Hahaha!) and kept expressing their love for them! They promised to be back with a new album and new tour and hoped that fans would continue to support them. (Of course we will!)

Let’s end off this wonderful event with a quote from Leader Yoon - ‘I think that singers cannot do well if there are no listeners. We wouldn’t have made it this far. We hope today will be your happiest day. It was my happiest day!’ 

We will be anticipating WINNER’s next album!

Photo Credits: YG Entertainment

GOkpop would like to extend our gratitude to Unusual Entertainment for the invitation.

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