A Memorable Night with WINNER at #EverywhereTourinKL

Monday, October 22, 2018

WINNER finally made a stop in KL last Sunday (14th Oct) for WINNER 2018 EVERYWHERE TOUR held at Stadium Malawati. It has been 4 years since WINNER first visit to Malaysia (ps: WINNER came to Malaysia in 2014 as the guest performer for 2NE1 concert), but, the long-awaited return increased our hype even more as this is also WINNER first concert in Malaysia.
WINNER kick-started the concert with their debut title song "Empty" which brought us so much memories and realized how much the boys have grown since the reality competition program "WIN: Who is Next?". Riding on the soulful dance track, WINNER continued their 2nd album set list "Air",  "Hello" and "Everyday".
The members took a break to introduce themselves after the hype performances. Leader, Yoon shared his love towards our local food and commented "I wanted to feel the atmosphere and culture in Malaysia but couldn't because it was too late. Instead I had great food such as Satay, Mee Goreng and Nasi Lemak....via room service. And that is really delicious!" (ps: they even showed us the pictures of the food they had during the night) The comment of course, received a great response from the crowd as we, Malaysian are proud of our local food! > <

The concert continued with a sequence of solo stages, where each member showing off their individual talents. MINO started with his skillful rap performances - "Body" and "Turn Off The Light". JINU, however, turned the stadium into a warm yet sweet atmosphere when G-Dragon's "Untitled: 2014" was played. Yoon brought more emotional touch for the night by performing his solo track "It Rains" and even sang an acapella version of John Legend's "All of Me" which had the whole stadium chanting for him.
The surprise did not stop here when Yoon picked up his guitar and started to perform Yoon Jong Shin's "Instinctively". (ps: we bet many of you missed Yoon with his signature guitar right?) The audience went wild when Hoony was up next, showing his dance skills during "Serenade" and TaeYang's "Ringa Linga" performances.
Not only their powerful performances caught our attention, but the VCR itself was a plus point throughout the concert. Each member turned into different characters and brought us a bellyful of laughter. Yoon transformed into Jinu's mother who styled in the signature Korean ajumma look and Hoony dressed in the cute student look with two hair ties sided - cameo as the model for Mino's painting.

WINNER brought the audience to a climax when the hit songs 'Love Me Love Me", "Island", "Really Really" and "La La" were played. The crowd immediately jumped to their feet - singing and dancing along with the boys. What made the night more special was the LED rose fan project. Closer to the end of the concert, INNER CIRCLE was seen lighting up the LED roses and this special fan project even caught MINO's attention and brought the members to teary-eyed. (ps: thumbs up to the fan project!)
Before bidding goodbye, each member gave their final speeches by thanking INNER CIRCLEs for the support and Yoon's speech lifted our hearts "A singer will not exist if no one listens to their music. So we will not be here without you." This simple message brought almost every audience to tears! (ps: 역시 우리 리더님ㅠㅠ) WINNER ended the night with encore stage "Don't Flirt", "Luxury", "Really Really" and "Everyday (remix)", leaving the crowd all excited and satisfied. 
WINNER's impressive live performances and powerful vocals come into a package which we think it's more than enough to pacify fans who have waited for them for such a long period of time. Throughout the concert, we feel connected to the artist, to the music, and to one another. The spontaneous performance prepared by the members made Malaysia stop a little special and we truly in love with WINNER's rendition of "Aku Cinta Pada Mu". > <
Thanks to WINNER, our day filled with laughter, touching moments, great music and best performances. Although it's been a week, but we bet the great memories will last forever right? Hope WINNER will return soon with new album or even an encore concert. (ps: agree with us right? ><
Lastly, we would like to thank MacpiePro for the invitation to this great show! For more official photos, check out GOkpop Malaysia Facebook page

*pic cr: YG Entertainment

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