Hottest 7 Kpop Idol Groups Thrill Thousands of Fans at KWave3 Music Festival

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Still not over from the K-Wave fever? We’re definitely not! KWAVE3 Music Festival (KWAVE3), organised by MacpiePro, has achieved another milestone by holding a three-hour concert at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam on 18 August 2018!

The 1-night festival thrilled more than 7,000 of fans as they get to see a total of seven Idol K-pop Idol groups, including - FTISLAND, Monsta X, EXID, Jeong Sewoon, AOA, Boyfriend and WJSN!
WJSN, a rookie group of 10 talented girl members, started off the festival with their catchy  songs and whimsical dance moves including, "Dreams Come True" and "Secret!"
Although it was their first visit in Malaysia, WJSN members managed to steal the fans’ hearts with their cutesy concept and quirky personalities! Despite having few songs left, The girls still took the time to have a moment to greet the fans. Check out what they have to say in the video below!
WJSN continued to have fun on stage and ending off their performances including, 'I Wish' and 'Starry Moment'! 
After WJSN’s opening act, solo artist Jeong Sewoon effortlessly captured the crowd's attention with his soulful and sweet voice. The singer performed his hit songs such as 'Just U' and 'Irony', making fans swoon over his sophisticated vibes and charming confidence. 
The soulful singer expressed his regret that he was not able to perform more songs. However, he wished that his fans will continue to support him in the future and before leaving the stage, Jeong Sewoon performed his most-loved song, "20 Something!"
The fans went haywire when the hottest girl group AOA finally appeared on stage with their latest song called 'Bingle Bangle'! The girls killed the choreography and their sexy stage presence literally heated the stadium up!
Even though AOA member Mina was unable to attend due to health issues, the girls still continued the show professionally and gave all their effort with their outstanding performances including ‘Like A Cat’, ‘Miniskirt’ and ‘Heart Attack’!
The shining 6 members boy group Boyfriend, melted the fans' hearts with their lovely charms and smooth vocals when performing 'Star' and 'Obsession'. The boys also took some time to express their gratitude towards the fans for bringing them to Malaysia. Not only that, Malaysian fans were lucky enough to celebrate their 7th Anniversary together as well!

“We are glad to finally see our fans and celebrate our 7th Anniversary together here in Malaysia! We will visit Malaysia more often!” said Boyfriend member Minwoo. (Maybe solo concert soon perhaps? Please come back soon!)
Boyfriend members were very interactive and poured their hearts out through their last few hit songs including, 'I'll Be There!' and 'I Yah'.
The temperature escalated even higher when EXID took over the stage and kicked off their first 90’s themed song called ‘LADY’! Fans went wild as the girls showed off their stable vocals and sultry dance moves - making the fans sing in unison to their other hit songs including, ‘Up & Down’ and ‘Hot Pink’. 
Overwhelmed by the love and support from the fans, EXID members expressed how thankful they are of Malaysian fans.

“I am so surprised to see that there are so many of you singing along to our songs! We never knew we had so many fans here!” said EXID member Park Jung Hwa.
The rising boy group, Monsta X, stunned the crowd with their charismatic dance moves and powerful vocals including 'Dramarama', 'Be Quiet' and 'Special'. Despite the tight schedule they have, the members were still full of energy and very friendly with the crowd!
The boys even attempted to speak in Malay language as Monsta X member Kihyun, quirkily asked the crowd, “Dah makan?” (Have you eaten?) and “Dah minum?” (Have you drank?) - leaving everyone bursting into laughter! While another Monsta X member Minhyuk even offered his own water bottle to the huge crowd! (I don’t think 1 bottle is enough for thousands of us...)
Last but not least, FTISLAND stole the show with their head banging and earth-shaking performances including, ‘I Pray’ and ‘Out Of Love’!
FTISLAND member Hongki’s high note vocals were unbeatable and guitar play was nothing but greatness! The drum break? It was mind-blowing! They also performed their famous hits including, "Summer Night’s Dream" and "Champagne"! Check out the video down below to see!
The crowd was extremely delighted to see the band for the longest time ever. Hongki did mention that their music style has changed recently, however, he still want the fans to think of them as a cool band. They also hoped that they will have their own solo concert here soon! (Are you excited? We really can't wait to see them again!)

We would like to express our gratitude to MacpiePro for inviting us to KWAVE3 Music Festival.

*photo credit to MacpiePro

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