GOT7 ‘Eyes On You’ World Tour 2018 – Singapore

Saturday, August 25, 2018

 2 years after their last show in Singapore, the 7 charming boys of GOT7 finally returned to our sunny island on 4th August 2018 as part of their ‘Eyes on You’ world tour! GOT7 has been active since 2014, and consists of 7 members; Mark, JB, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom.

The concept for the world tour was based on their latest album release - ‘Eyes on You’. Following this, the stage setup was done with the idea of showcasing an eye (or half-opened eye, according to Mark), and the LED backdrops before the show started were also designed with the idea of showcasing an eye.

The show opened with a bang when the boys appeared on stage to perform ‘Hard Carry’, and the world stars continued to wow the crowd with popular tracks such as ‘Stop Stop It’, ‘If You Do’ and ‘Never Ever’. In order to gauge how passionate the members were during their dance stages, Yugyeom had to have an emergency wardrobe change due to his pants ripping from the powerful dance moves! The multi-talented boys were also able to showcase their powerful vocals by serenading the crowd with slower numbers such as ‘Prove It’ and ‘Firework’.

Of course, the boys did not forget to introduce themselves before firing questions away at each other during the breaks in between each set of performances. When asked what they did back at the hotel the night before, they excitedly mentioned chili crab as well as pepper crab! Ever-playful BamBam even offered to buy crabs for the audience when he realized nobody had their dinner yet before the show started. Jackson decided to tease the fans by sharing that he had a bubble bath in the hotel, and added on that it was a great experience.

When it came to sharing what they liked individually about Singapore, Jinyoung, Mark and Jackson tried to one-up each other, which resulted in a highly entertained Ahgase crowd.

Jinyoung: I like the Singapore fans!

Mark: I like the chili crab AND the fans!

Jackson: I like the fans, chili crab, and the night safari!

Ahgases were in for a special treat when the boys revealed that they had prepared special unit stages! The first power duo to take over the stage consisted of Jinyoung and BamBam, who heated the stage up with ‘King’. JB, Mark, and Youngjae then took over the baton and performed an emotional number – ‘Think About It’. The special unit segment was wrapped up by Jackson and Yugyeom, who drove the crowd wild with their stage for ‘Phoenix’!

The show concluded with ‘Thank You’ and it was easy to see how much love the boys had for their fans, and vice versa. Instead of heading backstage prior to the encore, the world stars continued to hype the crowd with ‘Look, ‘Fly’ and a bonus stage of ‘Go Higher’ where a water fight ensued! Ahagases, stay tuned as the boys revealed that a new album is currently underway and that the next time they’ll be back on our sunny island might only be a few months away!

Photo Credits: ONE Production

We would like to thank ONE Production for the invitation to the event.

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