Tuesday, July 03, 2018

On the 17 June 2018, TWICE came back to Singapore for their second concert, Fantasy Park.

This time, the up-rising girl group managed to hold twice as bigger venue compared to the last's one.
As fantasy themed as the concert's name, the first song was 'You In My Heart'. The stadium was overwhelmed with screams with the appearance of the girls dazzling in a white dress.

The girls hyped the crowd up with 'Ooh-Ahh', 'Ponytail' and 'Cheer Up'. ONCEs were definitely on cloud nine when the girls performed to the hit songs. Catchy songs such as 'Hold Me Tight', 'Likey', 'Look At Me' were also performed.

TWICE came up with solo and unit acts such as Dahyun performing to Rain's Ranisim, Tzuyu.MoMo,Jihyo to Beyonce's End Of Time, Jeong+Nayeon to 'My Ear's Candy', lastly Sana+Mina+Chaeyoung of Wax's Oppa. Each of them expressed their feelings to create such a unique performance. 

Each of them expressed their feelings towards the stages as it was memorable and unique to them. Tzuyu+MoMo+Jihyo said that they wanted to perform a song filled with sexy vibes whereas Dahyun wanted to be cool as usual.

ONCEs knows that TWICE are filled with adorable aegyo abilities. Sana,Mina and Chaeyoung did aegyo of shouting out to fans "ONCEs", "OPPAs" and "UNNIES"!

As a group, they performed to a rendition of WINNER's Really Really. Popular top-charting songs such as 'Likey', 'TT','Knock Knock' were also performed. What a versatile all-rounder girl-group!

Lastly, the members gave their thoughts on the second return to Singapore. All of them expressed their thankfulness and are happy to return to Singapore. Jihyo was a little teary while talking as she felt very touched. Dahyun said that she appreciates the fans' effort in making the banners and videos, it was very memorable.  They promised to return soon and asked fans to wait for them.

We would like to thank One Production for the coverage opportunity.

(Image credits: ONE PRODUCTION)

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