TWICE looking forward to 'Dance the Night Away' with Malaysian ONCE

Friday, July 27, 2018

We bet many fans are counting down to attend TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park in Malaysia which will be held tomorrow at Stadium Malawati. Not only you, we are excited to see TWICE live performance as well. Earlier today, 9 members of TWICE greeted the media at the press conference and talked about their upcoming concert, first impression about Malaysia and future plan as a group.
Many fans were seen waiting for TWICE arrival yesterday night just to catch a glimpse of the members. Tzuyu was really touched by the warm welcome from our local ONCE and Nayeon expressed that she's looking forward to tomorrow's concert as the fans are so passionate. When being asked about tomorrow's concert, the member further expressed that they'll be a special stage for the opening. (ps: even unit stages)

Here's what went down at today's press conference:
Q: What’s your first impression towards Malaysia? 
Tzuyu: Really touched because we saw there were lots of fans gathered at the airport yesterday. I am also looking forward to Malaysian cuisine because Malaysian food looks really delicious.

Q: What’s your impression towards ONCE in Malaysia?
Nayeon: They are so passionate and I am looking forward to meet them at the concert tomorrow.

Q: What can ONCE expect towards the concert tomorrow? 
Jihyo: We have done TWICELAND tour at a few countries and we are glad that Malaysia is part of the tour. We will be performing live on our new comeback song "Dance The Night Away" tomorrow and we are looking forward to performing it brightly for the fans. For the opening, we also prepared sub-unit performance so we hope that fans can anticipate and look forward to those performances. 

Q: Did the members give a lot of opinions about this concert? 
Jihyo: All of them gave ideas on certain areas such as the unit member stage. 

Q: What makes you the happiest being able to perform on stage in Malaysia? 
Chaeyoung: We gained a lot of energy from fans, as we are very excited to see them tomorrow at the concert. 
Sana: from the excitement showed by the fans it lightens me up and we hope to be able to see these happy faces again while performing. 

Q: What are some of the unforgettable memory you had in your mind? 
Jeongyeon: During a stage in our concert, the fans sang along when there was no instrumental music in the background. We were very touched at that moment and we are glad to be able to witness it. 
Dahyun: They are very passionate. There are fans who making videos for us and telling us not to try. I feel very touched. 

Q: What is the surprise event from fans that you can’t forget until now? 
Mina: There is a surprise event during a performance where the fans changed the lyrics of our songs and those lyrics were really touching and it teared us up. 

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
Jihyo: In 10 years time, we hope we will be able to come back to Malaysia as TWICE once again. We are really thankful for the support from Malaysian ONCE all these while and hopefully, we will be able to come back in the future. We really hope that you will enjoy the amazing performances that we prepared for you tomorrow and please look over us nicely! Thank you Malaysia!

With all the sweet messages from the members, we know you have been eagerly waiting for this moment. It's just a day away, so sleep tight, hoping for sweet dreams tonight and be prepared to 'Dance the Night Away' with TWICE.

official photo credit: IME Asia

Update: JYP Entertainment and organiser, IME Asia announced on 27 January night that TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park in Malaysia has been cancelled due to safety concern. Ticket refund will be processed. 

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