Exclusive Interview: Rania is back to conquer the Hallyu Wave with Rania & You Promo Tour Party in Malaysia 2018

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Get ready A1st! RANIA is coming back to Malaysia again to embark on their first ever Rania & You Promo Tour Party this 29th June – 1st July 2018! This time, they will be touring around our Penang Island.

Ever since their debut in 2013, RANIA is one of the hottest girl groups that is known for their edgy music and eye-catching visuals - they have released a number of hit songs and music videos such as 'Just Go', 'Start A Fire', and 'Dr. Feel Good'.  

However, RANIA is no strange for their long history of controversies and constant change of members in the group. But it did not stop the girls from releasing more music and continue to capture their fans’ hearts with their contagious charms.

Before the girls heading to Malaysia for their promo tour, we have the chance to have an exclusive interview with RANIA. GOKpop Malaysia was given the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with RANIA. The girls shared some insight about their upcoming visit to Malaysia, chemistry between members, and dropping their new album this year!

With that being said, let's get a closer look at what the members have to say!
Q: RANIA visited Malaysia past few years, but this time with the new members, what are you most looking forward to do in Malaysia?
Hyeme: I’m curious about the foods.

Ttabo: I’m curious about the response of our Malaysian fans when they see us.
And, I’m curious about the trend of Malaysia as well.

Jieun: I heard that responses from overseas fans are good, I didn’t realize, so I’m
curious about whether it is true. Since this is our first Malaysia performance
after changing members, I’m looking forward to the response of our fans.

Zi.U: I want to experience the culture, environment or night view in every
country.. I’m looking forward to it!

Q: It is been a while since your album release in 2017, any plan for the new album or in other areas of entertainment?
Hyeme: We are preparing for a new album now.

Ttabo: We will be coming back in this summer.

Jieun: We are preparing for a new album. I think the new album will be released
in this hot summer, maybe?

Zi.U: We are working hard to prepare for it, please wait a little bit more.
Q: What other entertainment areas you would like to join? Any specific variety shows or programs?
Hyeme: I’d like to participate in “SNL” if they are going to have a new season
and “Law of the Jungle,” as I want to show everyone that I can live anywhere.

Ttabo: I want to film movie. I also want to have activity in China.

Jieun: Entertainment, drama, MC etc. As an entertainer, I would like to show you
all my different sides.

Zi.U: I am interested in film, acting, and musical. For variety program, I wish to tear the
name tag in Running Man, Salty Tour as well as making a guest appearance on Knowing Bros!
Q: RANIA debuted in 2013 and has released quite a number of songs. Out of all the songs, which song is your favourite? And why you choose so?
Hyeme: I like “Demonstrate” the most because it was my debut song.

Ttabo: “Style” and “Demonstrate”, because the songs show the girl crush image of Rania the

Jieun: I like ‘Dr Feel Good’, and ‘Breathe Heavy’ which is a song that out of
Rania’s girl crush sexiness, I think it was interesting to have different activities.

Zi.U: Demonstrate, it was my debut song as well. And people around were
saying it was nice though.. My attachment to that music is strong.

Q: We know RANIA has been through member changes, share with us what’s the most difficult period and how you handle it.
Hyeme: No matter what happens, I will not take it too difficult, I react in a calm

Ttabo: When I first came to Korea, it was difficult for me to learn Korean. So, I’ve
been studying hard.

Jieun: I think it will be during the album of ‘Start a Fire’. However, I was
becoming more desperate and earnest. If every member with the same heart,
we can get along well naturally.

Zi.U: It was tough during the trainee life, and it was tough during the activities as
well.. Of course, I am still not good enough and immature, but I was more
immature and young before that. I was struggling every single moment.. I
keep going because I trust our Representative and myself.
Q: How’s RANIA chemistry being in a group after the new transformation?
Hyeme: We are getting closer as time goes by.

Ttabo: Many members are of the same age which born in 1995. So, we can
communicate well and understand each other like sisters.

Jieun: Like a family. With only looking at the eyes, will clearly know about it, isn’t

Zi.U: We are getting closer and rely on each other. I hope all the members are
doing well and happy!

Q: The KPOP industry is getting very competitive nowadays, tell us what is RANIA hidden charms or individual charms that will hit the spotlight.
Hyeme: I think it could be with the pop song style and the amazing performance plus girl crush which the other teams don’t have.

Ttabo: We look girl crush on the stage but we are friendly behind the stage.

Jieun: Girls who look scary? Many people think we are cold and couldn’t come
close to us. However, we are all very warm, kind-hearted, sloppy and cheerful.

Zi.U: I think Rania differs in musical color or team color, even in expressing.
Within it, my advantage is that I can change it flexibly to fit this and that, and
someone who fits any clothes. I want to be able to digest anything.
Q: Which member do you think is the most different on and off camera/stage?
Hyeme: I personally think Zi-U the most different.

Ttabo: Everyone is different. We look like strong girls on stage but we are playful
and cute behind the stage.

Jieun: When Hyeme doesn’t talk, she looks like a strong woman, but she is
literally a ‘maknae’ in our group.

Zi.U: Maybe it’s me. On the stage, I’m trying to concentrate on the music, so I
look completely different from my usual appearance. Normally, I like to smile,
I eat a lot.. Although I have my own world, I do not have that kind of
appearance on the stage.

Q: What can we expect RANIA in 2018?
Hyeme: Our new album.

Ttabo: Please look forward to the only colour of Rania.

Jieun: I hope you all will look forward to our new album in this hot summer.

Zi.U: We will be coming back!!!!!

Details of RaNia's Rania & You Promo Tour Party in Malaysia 2018
Date: 29th June: 1st July 2018

Time & Venue: 30 June 2018, (2.00pm - 4.30pm) - Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang
                                30 June 2018, (7.30pm - 10.00pm) - Aeon Mall Bukit Mertajam, Penang
* more dates & venues to be announced!
*'Rania & You Tour Party' is free admission

For further information, you can check out Yipin Studio's Facebook page. 
*Photos source: Yipin Studio & RANIA FB Official Page

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