MXM thrills over 1,000 fans in KL, revealing their inspirations and in hopes of collaborating with Wanna One

Thursday, May 03, 2018

South Korea’s heartthrob duo, MXM, took Malaysia by storm with their first ‘Match Up’ fan meeting at HGH Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur on 1st of May.

The ‘Brand New Boys’, Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun managed to steal all the fans’ hearts with their explosive vocals and killer dance moves, with their hit songs such as 'I’m The One' and 'Gone Too Cold'. Before the fan meeting, the boys spent some time to reveal about themselves through a press conference scheduled by IME Malaysia.
Suited in graphic white shirts and black blazers, the MXM members entered the room with such contagious smiles and greeted the local medias in Malay language, they said “Apa Khabar!” (which means how are you!)
As the boys were former contestants of Produce 101, the show increased the awareness and popularity of the MXM members. The boys revealed that they were surprised as they landed at the KLIA airport, there were huge amount of fans welcomed them with so much love. Both of them praised the enthusiasm and support that they have received by the fans, the boys mentioned, “We will deliver the best performance with a grateful heart.” 

Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin, (who are currently known as Wanna One members) were managed under the same company as the MXM members and participated together for Produce 101 before. Fans can't help but to feel concerned whether they are going to have collaboration together in the future, Dong Hyun replied, “We are very supportive of our good brothers Daehwi and Woojin, if there is any chance, we would love to collaborate and share the same stage with them.” 

Dong Hyun and Young Min also shared their interests for their role models, Young Min said he has a huge admiration for Jay Park, where as Dong Hyun, he would love to work together with Park Hyo Shin, Crushand Bolbbalgan 4.
Despite being relatively new in the K-pop industry, the boys know how to entertain and put a lot of effort in their performances. It has proven that there were 1,600 fanswho traveled all the way from different places to attend the awaited fan meeting at HGH Convention Centre.

The boys sang, “I’m The One” and “Perfectly Perfect” as a part of their opening song, leaving fans screaming and singing in unison. Although it was a two-hour show, the boys continuously showcased their boyish charms and funny side to keep the crowd going.
After performing few songs, MXM members proceeded with the games session, called ‘Guess The Drawing’ and ‘How Much Do You Know About MXM?’ It was definitely an exciting opportunity for the fans, as they will get to interact and guess the right answer of their questions, and they will win the members’ autograph posters.

There was also a Q&A Session where Young Min and Dong Hyun happily answered some of the fans' questions, and even fulfilled their request by performing a short sexy dance and doing cute expressions to melt their hearts. 
The event emcee Hani Fadzil also taught some Malaysian jargons/slang for the boys including “Lek lu!” (Relax first!) and Saya sayang awak!” (I love you!).

Not only that, Young Min and Dong Hyun gladly showed their appreciation by wearing Malaysian traditional clothing (Samping) and even made them sing a local folk song called ‘Rasa Sayang’, leaving fans cheering and applaud for their adorable attempt in singing the song.
The fan meeting resumed as the duo performed other songs including, ‘Errday’, ‘Just Come Out’, ‘I Just Do’ and of course ‘Diamond Girl’! The boys wrapped up the show with 8 songs in total! (Not to mention the cute outfit change for every performance!) 
To top it all off, some lucky fans won the chance to take polaroid photos together with the MXM members, along with high-five session as well as signed merchandise as a bonus. (We're very jealous indeed! Hehe)
MXM members were overwhelmed by the unconditional love and support by the fans, Dong Hyun expressed, “Even though there is a distance between South Korea and Malaysia, we will always feel connected to you.

Young Min added, “Without you, we won’t be here today. We will quickly return to Malaysia and meet you again soon.”

We would like to express our gratitude to IME Asia for inviting us to MXM's press conference and fan meeting.

Photo source: IME Asia & Warner Music Malaysia

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