Wednesday, May 09, 2018

The ‘Brand New Boys’ will not sound unfamiliar especially if you have followed ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ closely. While two of them (Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin) are currently members of Wanna One, Youngmin and Dong Hyun are also doing well as MXM.

The duo was here in Singapore last Friday for their ‘Match Upfan meeting in Singapore. Even though they have just debuted recently, they have already garnered support from many and this could be seen from the number of fans who attended the fan meet! They kicked off the night with two cheerful songs “I’m The One” and “Perfectly Perfect”. As they introduced themselves, Youngmin mentioned that it has been a long while since he came to Singapore (Fun Fact: Youngmin used to reside in Singapore when he was young!). On the other hand, it was Dong Hyun’s first visit to Singapore and he hoped to have lots of fun memories with the fans.

The first game was a test of their degree of chemistry! This was a good introductory game for fans to find out their interests. It turned out that they love the sunset, ice-cream as well as action movies! Next up was a game of “Pictionary” with some lucky fans that were chosen on the spot. The fans had to guess what Youngmin and Dong Hyun had drawn. The winner got to bring home a drawing by the boys (we wished we were that lucky too~).

The duo continued to charm the crowd with their vocals as they sang “Just Come Out” and “Errday”. While the fans were all hyped up, they played another game of Charade with another group of lucky fans! This time round, the boys had to move their bodies and fans had to guess what action it was. It’s amazing how the duo is so good at expressing themselves with actions. Well done boys! Just when we thought that the fan meet was coming to an end, the emcees brought out a diamond cake gifted by our thoughtful fans. The boys were so touched and thanked the fans for giving them so much love and support. They promised that they will continue to work hard and have better songs for their next album (we will be waiting patiently for MXM).

They wrapped up the fun night with three more songs “Being Objective”, “Diamond Girl” and “I Just Do”. Though all good things come to an end eventually, a fan meet would never be complete
without photo moments! The duo took polaroids with some lucky fans too (*cries*). There was a high-five session and MXM took group photos with fans present that night. Ten lucky fans also brought home an autographed poster! It was such a fun-filled night and everyone went home with precious memories created together with MXM.

We would like to thank IME SG for giving us this opportunity to cover the fan meet.

Head over to GOkpop's social media platforms for more pictures of MXM.

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