Stargram Launch Show in Singapore brought 5,400 fans together

Sunday, March 11, 2018

On 21st of February, approximately more than 5,400 fans were invited to this K-pop concert
that was launched by Stargram at Singapore Indoor Stadium to meet their favoritee K-pop
stars such as JBJ, B1A4, EXID, Eugene Park, Kwak Dong Hyun and performance team, Optical Crew!

The long-awaited concert kicked off with JBJ as the initial act. Cheers from fans filled the stadium with the performance of JBJ's "Fantasy" and "Say My Name". An energetic greeting from the boys after the performance caused fans to scream even louder than before! They mentioned that it’s their 2nd time in Singapore, they were very glad to be back here again. Besides the high tension tracks, it’s time for them to change the atmosphere by approaching the crowd and continued to melt the fans with “True colors” and “Every day”. Before closing their performance, the boys concluded with a track from their latest album, "My Flower".

Eugene Park up next to show his incredible electric violin skills! Unlike ordinary violin performance, he impressed us with his ability to multi-task while performing.

Soon after the performance from Eugene Park, Optical Crew lighted up the stage in the dark with their extraordinary LED break dance. They performed a short verse to famous K-Pop songs like BTS’s “Fire”, Twice’s “Likey”. The stage was genuinely fascinating as the crowd applauded and cheered.

Without further ado, EXID kicked off the stage with their incredibly sexy performance “DDD”.
The girls were looking absolutely elegant and fabulous throughout the show. They interacted with the fans in English and mentioned that they missed Singapore fans.  EXID then bring their next stunning stage of “Hot Pink” and “Night Rather Than Day” and also their legendary song “Up&Down”. The fans were shouting on top of their lungs for them!

Kwak Dong Hyun performed songs like “Creep” and “My love every on heaven” blowing the crowd away with his heart-piercing beautiful tone and husky voice. The fans even created a beautiful sea of shining lights in the stadium by lighting up their phone's flashlights. It makes you feel united in the universe, standing in a sea of stars!

Lastly, B1A4 was up on stage with their popular track “What’s going on”.With an individual greeting, they mentioned that it has been long since they came to Singapore. Jinyoung apologized as he couldn't dance due to an ankle injury.  The boys also performed a few songs such as “A Lie”, “Rollin” and “Baby Goodnight”. They increased the level of energy in the crowd by making it as enjoyable as it looks. It was a magnificent moment to see everyone having fun together.

We would like to thank Stargram Global for the invitation.

Check GOkpop Singapore Facebook for more pictures.

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