Thursday, February 08, 2018

The Carpe Diem Asia Showcase made its stop on our sunny shores on 2nd Feb 2018! The bright boys of IN2IT celebrated 100 days since debut with their Singaporean IN2Us in a cozy affair.
IN2IT was formed from Korean survival show Boys 24, and they subsequently made their debut with the album “Carpe Diem”!

The night opened with fan-favourite songs like Cadillac as well as funny drama parodies featuring the boys themselves.

The boys unleashed their inner picasso when they drew each other and introduced the member they drew. Member Sunghyuk drew Jiahn with super chubby cheeks, which led to the boys giggling and asking, “What did he eat?”
Malaysian member, Isaac also took to the occasion with teaching his bandmates Singlish like yandao, sian, and walao to much amusement.
Up next, it was a beautiful display of the boy’s individual talents where they showcase amazing vocals and super exciting dances! Members covered popular hits like EXO’s The War, Seventeen’s Clap and even killed it with BTS’ Mic Drop!
The excitement of the fans was heightened when the boys split into 2 teams to compete against each other in a heated round of splits game and balance games. While the losing team had to perform aegyo, IN2Us wholeheartedly cheered for both teams as they gave fanservice while playing on stage!
As the night comes to a close, IN2Us prepared a special event for the boys as they sang their song ‘Starlight’ with banners celebrating the boys 100th day since debut. A cake in the colors of their album, ‘Carpe Diem’ was also rolled out on stage as a sweet surprise for IN2IT!
Ending the night with their debut single ‘Amazing’, we can’t help but wait for IN2IT to make their comeback to our sunny shores! Till then, it was an amazing and unforgettable night with the handsome and charming boys of IN2IT!

Photo Credits: Fast Track Events

We would like to thank Fast Track Events for allowing us to cover this event.

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