Actress Ha Ji Won, the first female killer in John Woo's action movie: 'Manhunt' to premiere nationwide on 23 Nov!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Actress Ha Ji Won back to Malaysia along with director John Woo last Wednesday (15 Nov) to promote the upcoming action thriller movie 'Manhunt' which will be premiered in local cinemas nationwide on 23 November (Thursday).
Gala Premiere: Lucky fans with actress Ha Ji Won & director John Woo
We bet many of you went to the movie launch held at Pavilion, KL to catch Ha Ji Won's appearance. Right after the public event, Ha Ji Won and director John Woo headed to Sunway Velocity to attend the gala premiere.
Fans swarmed to Pavilion, KL to catch Ha Ji Won
Movie 'Manhunt' includes actors and actresses from different countries and so when being asked about the barrier while communicating with one another, director John Woo stated that there's no language barrier between them as the actors/actresses know him well.
Public Launch: Ha Ji Won and director John Woo posing with the finger hearts
Press Conference: Ha Ji Won appeared in all white suit
However, Ha Ji Won said she normally used English to communicate with them. Language is not a big problem for her as she said the actors will help each other to translate when it's necessary because there'll be a total of 4 languages when all of them gathered together.
Actress Ha Ji Won starring as the killer, Rain in movie Manhunt
Manhunt is a movie based on a Japanese novel, Kimi yo Fundo no Kawa o Watare (also known as You Must Cross the River of Wrath) and is now directed by John Woo with new adaption, starring actor Zhang Han Yu as the Chinese lawyer - Du Qiu, actress Ha Ji Won as the killer - Rain, John Woo's daughter, Angeles Woo as Rain's sister - Dawn and actress Masaharu Fukuyama as the detective - Yamura.

If you're into action thriller movie, do check out 'Manhunt' which will be premiered tomorrow at our local cinemas.

Check out 'Manhunt' trailer here:

photo & video source: Jazzy Pictures

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