TAEYANG 2017 World Tour 'White Night' in Singapore a resounding success

Sunday, October 29, 2017

TAEYANG, a member of idol group 'Big Bang', came back to Singapore for his second solo concert 'White Night' on 27 October 2017 . Awaiting in excitement, the fans held the BigBang lightsticks in anticipation while looking forward to his arrival at 8.p.m. Kicking off the show with 'Ringa Linga', fans were up on their feets throughout the song. He proceeded to perform a few songs from his old albums, 'Body' and 'Superstar'. Undeniably, he is one of the artists that is able to let his fans truly enjoy the show.
He took a breather to prepare for his next song as his outfit was soaked in sweat. Without wasting any time, he quickly came back on stage with 'Only Look At Me' and 'Wedding Dress'. Fans were definitely touched by his clear vocal tones as he sang the songs wholeheartedly.

Longing for more, he sang 'Amazin' and '1 AM'. Unleashing his sexy vibes with 'NAKED' and 'So Good', TAEYANG took off his outerwear, fans were definitely trying their best to not blink to prevent missing any moments of it.  Filled with emotions, TAEYANG sang an acoustic version of  'I Need A Girl', 'Empty Road' and a short version of 'Ride'. While writing the songs for his latest album, TAEYANGhad inspiration from Michael Jackson songs, throughout the songs from his new album, we can hear a fusion of his own style with Michael Jackson's vibes. All of the songs proved his strong love for his girlfriend, isn't it?
A soulful voice of his can be heard while singing to 'Tonight' and 'Love You To Death'. Undeniably, it was heart-stirring depicting TAEYANG's sincerity throughout the songs. Fans were left in astonishment when he performed his own rendition of 'Last Dance' with a piano.

The piano tunes truly complement his beautiful vocal tones. TAEYANG teased the fans that he was ending the show with 'Last Dance'. Fans were heard screaming "One more please" and "Encore". He mentioned that his mind was filled with thoughts of his members while performing to the song.
Questioning the members of his band on stage, we had 2 out of 4 of them agreeing to have an encore stage.

With the agreement of the members, he continued the show by showcasing his swift and smooth dance moves while performing to 'Break down', 'Good Boy' and 'Stay With Me'. There is no doubt he is crowned as the dancing king in the entertainment industry.
Not forgetting the members of the band and dancers, TAEYANGintroduced each of them personally. In addition, he also performed 'Fantastic' and 'Bang Bang Bang'. TAEYANG sang only his own parts and danced freestyle when it was the members' parts, clearly a person with manners. We thought it was the end of the show but he gave us a treat by performing to our all-time favourite song 'Eyes, Nose and Lips'.
Throughout the show, TAEYANG showered the fans with love by performing and making sure to go over every side of the stage, making sure all the fans see him clearly. Furthermore, he also held a few fans' hands and a flower crown.  A little humour of TAEYANG's embellished the show. He asked the fans what time was it towards the end of the show, fans answered "8.p.m." and he cheekily replied, " You guys are liars". Lastly, he expressed that it is his honor to be back in Singapore to perform for his passionate fans and he hopes to come back with his  BigBang members.

We would like to express our gratitude towards UnUsUaL Entertainment Pte Ltd for allowing us to do an event coverage.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

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